Monday, 31 August 2009

Irish Eyes

Although Sunday was a happy day for us all because Soraya turned 5 months it was also a very sad day as it was the 5 yr anniversary of my nanny passing away (and also grandpa 2 weeks earlier).

They were the most amazing people in the world and I have sooo many happy memories, I just wish they were still here. I miss them more then ever now that their great granddaughter is here because I would have loved them to meet her, I don't think it ever really gets easier. They would have loved her to bits and she has nanny's eyes at the moment, Grandpa would have called her a little rogue!

As the years go by I can see so much of nanny in my mum and so I know there is still a big part of them around. My mum was so close to her parents and so I know how I'm feeling is even harder for her but she has so much strength (like Nanny) and we use this day to remember all the good times we shared.

To Nanny & Grandpa (Pat & Kitty) We Miss You So Much


5 Months Old!

My little BB (Baby Belle) Soraya was 5 months yesterday! I really can not believe it.

She seems so grown up now compared to when she couldn't even move. Now she can do so much!

The most amazing things in the last month have been:

- Rolling over - as soon as you put her onto her play mat she rolls onto her tummy

- Creeping - Yep she is nearly crawling already...she only ever moves to the left though because her left arm always seems to get trapped under her. She makes her way from one end of the play mat to the other if there is something there she wants to put in her mouth :)

- Grabbing - She can grab whatever she wants now...including trying to grab my cup of tea or dinner, whatever I try to put to my mouth she wants!

- Giggling - She giggles SOOO much, she has such a wickedly cute giggle!
- Holds onto her feet when trying to change her nappy

- Blows Raspberrys all the time

We also started weaning this month and she loves her food. We had friends from Ireland come to stay this weekend and they couldn't believe how placid a baby she is, I think they heard her cry once when it was bedtime and that was it in 3 days! She is such a good girl and makes me laugh every day.

We love you so much Soraya
x WADs x

Friday, 28 August 2009

Back to Blonde

I did it...I went back to being Blonde.

I was sooo very nervous as I walked into El Esha Salon in town. I have had long brown hair for a few years now and I was going to get a full head of highlights so I could go back to being a blonde. My hair is naturally light brown so I knew it wouldn't be too hard to maintain but I was still scared. I chose El Esha because I used them a year ago for a fashion shoot and they were lovely then too.

I met my hairdresser and voiced my concerns...I DON'T want orange hair...please.....and DON'T want too much chopping off either as want it kept long, I've been growing it for ages now and it's taking so long! I have a bit of red in my hair so knew highlights could go orange but this was DEFINATELY not the case...3-4 hours later I came out with long blonde ashy honey locks!

My hairdresser was AMAZING. She really knew her stuff and I just love what she has done (and trust me I am FUSSY when it comes to my hair!) I recommend El Esha in Peterborough to EVERYONE. They are all so lovely, from Maggy on reception to the owner Jayne and all the other girls!

They are such an upbeat happy bunch and I even had an arm and hand massage whilst waiting for my highlights to develop and a free gift and lots of offers for tea and biscuits.

The conversations in there were not your typical catty chat you expect from a group of girls but just nice friendly banter where they always involved the customers...such a nice change!

So anyway that is what I spent yesterday doing whilst Grams looked after Baby Belle. It's funny a year ago I would have probably sat in the hairdressers talking about my fashion business and silly things but all I could talk about yesterday was my little angel..gosh I've turned into such a mummy!

x WADs x

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Weaning Begins

We decided to start Soraya on solids the other week. I know she is only 21 weeks but she was showing all the signs of being ready!

Anyway her first taste of baby rice was just the funniest thing ever! She looked at the spoon and her mouth went wide open and I mean super wide like a yawn! The baby rice went in and was never to be seen again! All this talk of weaning being messy is so far non existant with us! But we shall see if that is still the case when we try baby led weaning.

Seeing as she liked it so much I decided to start stocking up on pureed foods and had a mad blending session a couple of nights ago. I bought some of the little Annabel Karmel Food Cubes and bought two of her books too, they are brilliant. I have so far done Pears, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots and Banana. Soraya is now having pears in the morning and carrots in the afternoon. After a week on these I will start to get a bit more adventurous but don't want to overload Baby Belle with too much just yet. She certainly likes her food at the moment though!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Birth Story

It was the 29th of March and I woke up at 1am, 2am, 3am and 4am with regular strong braxton hicks. I didn't wake OH up because I thought if this really is it he will need his rest! Eventually I thought this is silly and got up and continued with the following....

  1. Got Up! (Rolled out of bed more like)
  2. Had a shower
  3. Washed my hair (stupid idea really like labour doesn't mess it up!)
  4. Made my way downstairs
  5. Made myself some Raspberry Leaf Tea and Cornflakes with banana
  6. Turned on the telly...what a load of rubbish is on at "Stupid O'Clock in the morning", turned it off again.
  7. Bounced on my Birthing Ball
  8. Unpacked and repacked hospital bags 3 times making sure I had everything from lavender oil to scratch mits
  9. Couldn't contain my excitement anymore so took a cup of tea up to OH
  10. Woke OH up by saying 'I think today is the day'!

So anyway by this time it was about 9-10am and me and OH are downstairs and I decide to ring my ma & pa (Grams and Grandpa from now on) because the contractions were getting stronger and 'me being me' can't NOT tell my mum anything.

The slightest thing that happens and I'm on the phone to her! Infact when I first found out I was pregnant, after telling OH, I decided to meet mum for lunch in town and tell her there. So I ring her up and say fancy lunch at 1 in town, she says yes of course and I put phone down. Then I sit there for all of like 30seconds twiddling my thumbs and ring her back saying 'I can't wait that're going to be a grandma! We still met for lunch though :)

...It is a Sunday and it is the Australian GrandPrix and we are Formula1 mad in our family so I watch the whole GrandPrix whilst bouncing on my birthing ball. Time goes by and the contractions get stronger and stronger so I pull out the Tens Machine, I hated it...made my back tingle tooo much but I persevere and give it time to build up. I call the midwife led unit at PDH for their advice because I am now timing my contractions and they are coming regularly every 4 minutes, they say I sound very in control so if I want to hang on a bit feel free otherwise come in and they will check me over. So I hold on another hour then go in....I'm 1cm ONLY! They say I can go home again if I want or stay I go home and have a nice (as nice as it can be when having contractions) long bath and get OH to give me LOTS of back rubs.

I make it until 5pm then go back into hospital and things really start kicking off...Baby Belle is definately ready now. I had gas and air but it made me very sick at first but after being sick twice I got used to it and I really recommend it. The doctor came in at about midnight and said he wants to see more progress or is taking me to theatre so I pushed with all my might then :) And at 1am Soraya made an appearance, all on her was the MOST amazing experience in the WORLD!

The aftercare I recieved is a story for another day though! I can't exactly say my hospital stay was as amazing as the birth
Before you were here I wanted you,
Before you were born I loved you,
Before you were here an hour I would die for you

Monday, 17 August 2009

That Creative Feeling

Boy or Girl? My husband and I never wanted to know the sex of bump. When we had the first scan we both knew we wanted to wait and keep it a surprise. It was like a present that we had to wait to unwrap! But we got the 'feeling' it was a boy. We did lots of silly the wedding ring on the string but one thing always contradicted the other.

My mum has 3 brothers and I have 3 brothers and so it just felt like we were going to have a boy. So going by this we decided to decorate the nursery in VERY neutral colours, beige and cream etc. It was the most amazing thing in the world when the nurse said 'it's a girl', my husband and I just looked at each other for a few seconds in amazement. So the last few weeks I have been feeling very creative and set to work on making the nursery a bit more girlyfied. Especially as Soraya is so interested in everything around her!

I love gingham print and butterflies and Grams found these gorgeous wall art stickers in Laura Ashley and some gingham curtains so the theme for the room was decided!
So I set to work inbetween Baby Belle's play times, feeds and nappy changes.
It was great fun but I found my butterfly border going off at an angle up the wall every now and then so had to keep realigning that. Anyway the results are below and hopefully I won't change my mind on the decor too quickly and decide on fairies or something :)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A New Mummy Blogger

I thought I would try my hand at this mummy blogging, seeing as I enjoy reading other mummys blogs so much :) I didn't realise how big of a world this Blogosphere was.

So a short intro....

My name is Carly and I am a twenty something new mummy to my baby belle, Soraya. I LOVE motherhood! We are now in more of a routine (I'm not a routine person but Baby Belle has found her own little routine) so I now have time to do other things, like this!

My husband and I really didn't expect a girl, I am so used to boys in the family, being an only girl with 3 brothers and my mum being an only girl with 3 brothers etc, so we kind of assumed bump would be a boy..we were wrong! So chosing a name took some time, in the end we decided on Soraya, it means Princess in Persian...very girly I know!

What I do....well I'm a mummy NO.1, I run a ladies fashionwear online shop NO.2, I work for my husbands company Microbyte NO.3 and I write. I will get to talking about these at a later date I'm sure

I don't want to bore people too much so won't go on much more but look forward to meeting other mummy's and having a great blogging future!