Monday, 31 August 2009

5 Months Old!

My little BB (Baby Belle) Soraya was 5 months yesterday! I really can not believe it.

She seems so grown up now compared to when she couldn't even move. Now she can do so much!

The most amazing things in the last month have been:

- Rolling over - as soon as you put her onto her play mat she rolls onto her tummy

- Creeping - Yep she is nearly crawling already...she only ever moves to the left though because her left arm always seems to get trapped under her. She makes her way from one end of the play mat to the other if there is something there she wants to put in her mouth :)

- Grabbing - She can grab whatever she wants now...including trying to grab my cup of tea or dinner, whatever I try to put to my mouth she wants!

- Giggling - She giggles SOOO much, she has such a wickedly cute giggle!
- Holds onto her feet when trying to change her nappy

- Blows Raspberrys all the time

We also started weaning this month and she loves her food. We had friends from Ireland come to stay this weekend and they couldn't believe how placid a baby she is, I think they heard her cry once when it was bedtime and that was it in 3 days! She is such a good girl and makes me laugh every day.

We love you so much Soraya
x WADs x


  1. I can't believe she's 5 months old already, it all happens so quickly! She really is gorgeus x

  2. aww thanks hun, I know time really does fly when you have a little one doesn't it x