Friday, 28 August 2009

Back to Blonde

I did it...I went back to being Blonde.

I was sooo very nervous as I walked into El Esha Salon in town. I have had long brown hair for a few years now and I was going to get a full head of highlights so I could go back to being a blonde. My hair is naturally light brown so I knew it wouldn't be too hard to maintain but I was still scared. I chose El Esha because I used them a year ago for a fashion shoot and they were lovely then too.

I met my hairdresser and voiced my concerns...I DON'T want orange hair...please.....and DON'T want too much chopping off either as want it kept long, I've been growing it for ages now and it's taking so long! I have a bit of red in my hair so knew highlights could go orange but this was DEFINATELY not the case...3-4 hours later I came out with long blonde ashy honey locks!

My hairdresser was AMAZING. She really knew her stuff and I just love what she has done (and trust me I am FUSSY when it comes to my hair!) I recommend El Esha in Peterborough to EVERYONE. They are all so lovely, from Maggy on reception to the owner Jayne and all the other girls!

They are such an upbeat happy bunch and I even had an arm and hand massage whilst waiting for my highlights to develop and a free gift and lots of offers for tea and biscuits.

The conversations in there were not your typical catty chat you expect from a group of girls but just nice friendly banter where they always involved the customers...such a nice change!

So anyway that is what I spent yesterday doing whilst Grams looked after Baby Belle. It's funny a year ago I would have probably sat in the hairdressers talking about my fashion business and silly things but all I could talk about yesterday was my little angel..gosh I've turned into such a mummy!

x WADs x

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  1. OOh I just went darker after being blonde for a while, it's scary isn't it! Am really pleased with mine too, and lower maintenance as I'm quite dark naturally! Used to be a natural red head but seem to have lost the colour over the years strangely.
    Am really enjoying your blog so have given you a sunshine award!