Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Birth Story

It was the 29th of March and I woke up at 1am, 2am, 3am and 4am with regular strong braxton hicks. I didn't wake OH up because I thought if this really is it he will need his rest! Eventually I thought this is silly and got up and continued with the following....

  1. Got Up! (Rolled out of bed more like)
  2. Had a shower
  3. Washed my hair (stupid idea really like labour doesn't mess it up!)
  4. Made my way downstairs
  5. Made myself some Raspberry Leaf Tea and Cornflakes with banana
  6. Turned on the telly...what a load of rubbish is on at "Stupid O'Clock in the morning", turned it off again.
  7. Bounced on my Birthing Ball
  8. Unpacked and repacked hospital bags 3 times making sure I had everything from lavender oil to scratch mits
  9. Couldn't contain my excitement anymore so took a cup of tea up to OH
  10. Woke OH up by saying 'I think today is the day'!

So anyway by this time it was about 9-10am and me and OH are downstairs and I decide to ring my ma & pa (Grams and Grandpa from now on) because the contractions were getting stronger and 'me being me' can't NOT tell my mum anything.

The slightest thing that happens and I'm on the phone to her! Infact when I first found out I was pregnant, after telling OH, I decided to meet mum for lunch in town and tell her there. So I ring her up and say fancy lunch at 1 in town, she says yes of course and I put phone down. Then I sit there for all of like 30seconds twiddling my thumbs and ring her back saying 'I can't wait that long..you're going to be a grandma! We still met for lunch though :)

...It is a Sunday and it is the Australian GrandPrix and we are Formula1 mad in our family so I watch the whole GrandPrix whilst bouncing on my birthing ball. Time goes by and the contractions get stronger and stronger so I pull out the Tens Machine, I hated it...made my back tingle tooo much but I persevere and give it time to build up. I call the midwife led unit at PDH for their advice because I am now timing my contractions and they are coming regularly every 4 minutes, they say I sound very in control so if I want to hang on a bit feel free otherwise come in and they will check me over. So I hold on another hour then go in....I'm 1cm ONLY! They say I can go home again if I want or stay there..so I go home and have a nice (as nice as it can be when having contractions) long bath and get OH to give me LOTS of back rubs.

I make it until 5pm then go back into hospital and things really start kicking off...Baby Belle is definately ready now. I had gas and air but it made me very sick at first but after being sick twice I got used to it and I really recommend it. The doctor came in at about midnight and said he wants to see more progress or is taking me to theatre so I pushed with all my might then :) And at 1am Soraya made an appearance, all on her own...it was the MOST amazing experience in the WORLD!

The aftercare I recieved is a story for another day though! I can't exactly say my hospital stay was as amazing as the birth
Before you were here I wanted you,
Before you were born I loved you,
Before you were here an hour I would die for you


  1. Beautiful picture of your daughter, and a lovely little verse, you do sound very in contol. And I am exactly the same, need to tell my mum everything...right away..lol

  2. What a gorgeous baby and beautiful poem. That says so well how you feel when you become a mum.
    I would love to call my mum and say let's meet up for lunch, but being an expat it is unfortunately not possible. You are so lucky :)

  3. Thanks for commenting on my post today. I love it when I find a new blog to read! My hubby has just created his first womenswear collection. He is shooting next week. So a very exciting time for us all!

  4. Oh how gorgeous your daughter is! I clicked through here from your other post... it made me cry it was so lovely. x

  5. I love that verse, and what a gorgeous picture! There's nothing like the threat of theatre to get one pushing I found. My postnatal hospital stay was rubbish too.

  6. What a cute little baby! Having a baby is really a blessing.