Monday, 31 August 2009

Irish Eyes

Although Sunday was a happy day for us all because Soraya turned 5 months it was also a very sad day as it was the 5 yr anniversary of my nanny passing away (and also grandpa 2 weeks earlier).

They were the most amazing people in the world and I have sooo many happy memories, I just wish they were still here. I miss them more then ever now that their great granddaughter is here because I would have loved them to meet her, I don't think it ever really gets easier. They would have loved her to bits and she has nanny's eyes at the moment, Grandpa would have called her a little rogue!

As the years go by I can see so much of nanny in my mum and so I know there is still a big part of them around. My mum was so close to her parents and so I know how I'm feeling is even harder for her but she has so much strength (like Nanny) and we use this day to remember all the good times we shared.

To Nanny & Grandpa (Pat & Kitty) We Miss You So Much



  1. That's a lovely post - having children makes you think a lot about family who can't get to know them.


  2. thanks WWC, it really does make you think about family and how important it is x

  3. Aw this made me cry. It's great that you have so many happy memories. I feel sad that my dad didn't get to meet my children too xx