Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A New Mummy Blogger

I thought I would try my hand at this mummy blogging, seeing as I enjoy reading other mummys blogs so much :) I didn't realise how big of a world this Blogosphere was.

So a short intro....

My name is Carly and I am a twenty something new mummy to my baby belle, Soraya. I LOVE motherhood! We are now in more of a routine (I'm not a routine person but Baby Belle has found her own little routine) so I now have time to do other things, like this!

My husband and I really didn't expect a girl, I am so used to boys in the family, being an only girl with 3 brothers and my mum being an only girl with 3 brothers etc, so we kind of assumed bump would be a boy..we were wrong! So chosing a name took some time, in the end we decided on Soraya, it means Princess in Persian...very girly I know!

What I do....well I'm a mummy NO.1, I run a ladies fashionwear online shop NO.2, I work for my husbands company Microbyte NO.3 and I write. I will get to talking about these at a later date I'm sure

I don't want to bore people too much so won't go on much more but look forward to meeting other mummy's and having a great blogging future!


  1. Yay welcome to blogging!! Love the tittle, looking forward to reading more!

    I'm off to find you new readers!

    carol x

  2. What a beautiful name you have given your daughter! Look forward to reading more. We have 2 girls and my husband has given in to the girl thing. x

  3. You chose a lovely name for your daughter, looking forward to reading more of your posts..welcome to the way found you by way of New Mummy.