Monday, 17 August 2009

That Creative Feeling

Boy or Girl? My husband and I never wanted to know the sex of bump. When we had the first scan we both knew we wanted to wait and keep it a surprise. It was like a present that we had to wait to unwrap! But we got the 'feeling' it was a boy. We did lots of silly the wedding ring on the string but one thing always contradicted the other.

My mum has 3 brothers and I have 3 brothers and so it just felt like we were going to have a boy. So going by this we decided to decorate the nursery in VERY neutral colours, beige and cream etc. It was the most amazing thing in the world when the nurse said 'it's a girl', my husband and I just looked at each other for a few seconds in amazement. So the last few weeks I have been feeling very creative and set to work on making the nursery a bit more girlyfied. Especially as Soraya is so interested in everything around her!

I love gingham print and butterflies and Grams found these gorgeous wall art stickers in Laura Ashley and some gingham curtains so the theme for the room was decided!
So I set to work inbetween Baby Belle's play times, feeds and nappy changes.
It was great fun but I found my butterfly border going off at an angle up the wall every now and then so had to keep realigning that. Anyway the results are below and hopefully I won't change my mind on the decor too quickly and decide on fairies or something :)


  1. Your nursery is really beautiful, hope your little girl is very happy there.

  2. It lovely! Our nursery is really really nuetral in cream, with some cream winnie the pooh wall paper as we didn't know what we were having. When we moved BG will have a really girly room! x

  3. How cute.

    Thanks for the email. The list on my site is part of the British Mummy Bloggers Carnival - I really recommend you get involved with that group. Lots of networking and great advice ... if y9ou go back to my site you'll see the link. I would paste here but its hard on my phone xx