Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Weaning Begins

We decided to start Soraya on solids the other week. I know she is only 21 weeks but she was showing all the signs of being ready!

Anyway her first taste of baby rice was just the funniest thing ever! She looked at the spoon and her mouth went wide open and I mean super wide like a yawn! The baby rice went in and was never to be seen again! All this talk of weaning being messy is so far non existant with us! But we shall see if that is still the case when we try baby led weaning.

Seeing as she liked it so much I decided to start stocking up on pureed foods and had a mad blending session a couple of nights ago. I bought some of the little Annabel Karmel Food Cubes and bought two of her books too, they are brilliant. I have so far done Pears, Sweet Potatoes, Carrots and Banana. Soraya is now having pears in the morning and carrots in the afternoon. After a week on these I will start to get a bit more adventurous but don't want to overload Baby Belle with too much just yet. She certainly likes her food at the moment though!

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