Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This Mummy Blogging World

Just a quick post.  I haven't been blogging for long but I can not believe what a community of mummy bloggers there are out there/here!  I have seen a sudden rush of people visiting my blog and it is so lovely to be getting comments and emails from you all. And the twitter community is insane too, you can find me there at www.twitter.com/MummysShoes

I am hoping to expand on my blog to include fashion soon too, or I might start a seperate fashion blog? Who knows, at the moment I love writing about baby belle and being a mummy for the first time, I could talk about her all day! I am sure you would all soon get bored though (Aside from Grams).

So anyway, to all my followers thanks so much for coming along on this journey with me and following my blog.

1/2 Year Birthday Celebration

Well I know it's wordless Wednesday but I am full of words because Baby Belle is 6 months today, half a year! I can't believe it, I remember going to baby clinic and seeing the 6 month olds and thinking it was sooo far away.

We had a lovely day, and Baby Belle got lots of nice things, including a cute tea set, a cute halloween costume, tutu skirts (like she hasn't got lots anyway!), a huge Upsy Daisy, as you can see from the pic and lots of other bits. She also had a little cake, which I took to daddy's office to share with the team whilst Grams had an afternoon with little miss.

So here are BB's firsts this month:

- Sits up unsupported
- Holds her beaker and drinks/chews on it!
- She can Squeal (mainly when we are out shopping or in public places) thankfully her voice is still little :)
- She can Crawl (well more like crawl commando style) around. I was in the kitchen for 3 minutes yesterday and she was very quiet on her play mat...so I went to check on her...she had made her way over to her changing mat and was playing with the nappy bags!!!! I nearly had a heartattack...plastic bags and babies! Not the best combo! So needlesstosay I have now had to put EVERYTHING out of reach.
- Looks at herself in the mirror
- Had her first Rusk
- Is now in the bigger seat of her Quinny Buzz pram (she must feel ristricted in the carseat attachment because she just struggles and kicks about in it now) and won't sit back, she HAS to be upright all the time.
- Can throw things down and watch you pick them up, and NEVER gets bored of this.

So there we go, half a year old. I am already planning the 1st Birthday...it is going to be BIG and has a great theme!

Lots of Love

WADs (Wives & Daughters)

Monday, 28 September 2009

Strictly Provocative?

All over the news today has been the amount of complaints from viewers of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing Show of how it has turned tacky. Now I have always watched Strictly and love it, I love the outfits and the dancing and the funny judges and guessing scores. But even before all this media hype about the outfits getting more and more tacky I actually noticed this and my husband even commented on it.

This is one of the news stories if you want a read Strictly Come Dancing: Viewers outraged by tiny and 'tatty' dresses that are cheapening the show I don't think this article gets the point across because the images are not that provocative and are quite typical of latin dance!

However I do agree with what it is saying and the hundreds of viewers that called in. For example did anyone see the 'here comes the girls' dance? Well if you didn't here is an image from it...

No one can tell me this is typical of latin dance? This to me resembles a lap dancing club!?!
Now I know dance, I love to dance and watch it and I also know that latin dance is a bit provocative and sexy but there is a line and I really believe it is being crossed. I think if my little girl in a few years time was watching this I would feel a bit anxious.

For anyone that wants to watch that dance then you can click here and judge for yourself. It is about 1hr 15 mins into the show (so you can forward it).

I love the little latin dance outfits but the black catsuits and black underwear? Not so sure that is necessary. Would love to know your thoughts :)

x WADs x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm a great read apparently and so are You!

Well it has been a great month for me..with 2 awards, thanks ladies!

This one is from the lovely Domestic Goddesque who is a little superwoman in her own right.

Along with this award comes a little task and I must share ten happy memories with you, which should be easy and don't worry they won't ALL be about my little baby belle! So at numero uno

1) The birth of my little Princess Baby Belle. WOW! what a happy memory, makes me tingle thinking about it, I need to go give her a squidge right now! Painful = YES...Worth it = YES YES YES!

2) My Nanny & Grandpa - unfortunately they are no longer with us but I have so many happy memories. What sticks out the most is me and my big brother at their bungalow, crushing biscuits in a grinder and thinking we had made dinner for them...they would eat it too! And putting a wet flanel in their bed thinking they would get in at night and get a wet bottom...we didn't think about the consequences of a soaking bed and mattress at that age!

3) All my birthday parties growing up...I had the BEST birthdays ever and it was all thanks to my amazing mum. She always made the birthday cakes (which were so fab) and I had great parties with fab party bags for all my friends. My whole childhood is just a great memory!

4) When my huband asked me to move in with him (few years ago now). I was working in London and one night I got back to his house for dinner and he had made one of the spare rooms into a dressing room for me...it was such a sweet thing to do, it had a tall mirror and seat in front of it and everything.

5) Christmas - I can't say one specific one because they have always been so magical, even now! I can't wait for this one though because it is Baby Belle's first one! I just love all the family being together and the warm feeling that it brings, and of course mum's Christmas dinner!

6) America - I lived in America for a few years and this always brings back good memories, from the deep deep snow and sledging in winter to the lovely warm summers and Halloween was the BEST there, people made more effort for halloween in the USA then they did Christmas!

7) The proposal in Turkey - My husband got me to walk up this big hill away from Patara Beach one day, in 45 degree heat in sandals and all I did was complain all the way up about how boiling my feet were lol. Then he said look and in a rock crevice was a little box with a ring in :)

8) Finding out my dad was going to be ok after a major operation. It was only a year ago and it was a very scary time for all of us but when he came out of the operating theatre and put his thumb up to say he was good it was a great feeling!

9) Whitwell - My happiest memories are growing up in this village. Me and my best friend Clare were so mischievous. I could do a whole blog on the memories from this village!

10) Getting the giggles with my mum, usually because I have said something that doesn't make sense and used the incorrect word!

So there we have it, I could add so many more but these are the first one's that spring to mind. So now I have to pass this award on and I do so to:

Lorraine over at Ramblings of a mum on the run Because she writes so well and she has recieved two awards this week and I want to make it 3!
Sandy over at Baby Baby Because I can so relate to her head being all over the place :)
Carol over at New Mummy Because I just love her blog and bought a Sophie Giraffe thanks to one of her reviews and Baby Belle LOVES it

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Eid Celebrations

I have been a rubbish blogger and not done a post in ages but I do have my reasons, honestly :)

It has been Ramadan for the last month, which has meant getting up at 3am to eat and fasting until the sun goes down. I haven't been fasting this year, due to baby belle but OH has been and so we had a day of celebrations yesterday as it was Eid finally! I woke up yesterday morning and breakfast was made (he actually always does this), baby belle dressed and presents on the table! I LOVE presents!!!

We had a lovely day with lots of food and of course we had to go out for a coffee because OH hasn't been able to drink during the day for the last month and was having coffee shop withdrawal symtoms. It was bliss! I think Baby Belle is actually really lucky because she will be celebrating Eid and Christmas throughout her life.

Monday, 14 September 2009

My First Award!

Well I had a lovely weekend as the weather was gorgeous for once and what made it even better? Well I got my first award! Given to me by the lovely mizz pink at ramblings of a mum on the run her blogs and tweets always brighten my days :)

So now I have to pass it on...This was difficult picking only 4 because I read sooo many good blogs but here we go lovely ladies:

Diary of a Yummy Mummy Because I love Tory Burch's style too!

The Life of the Twenty Something Mum For her heartfelt honesty in her recent posts

Babies who brunch Especially love the blog about the 'shadow' I can relate to that :)

and finally:

Hearfelt Handmade's Blog She really makes some gorgeous things, especially the lovely felt cupcakes, seeing as it's National Cupcake Week, yummmm!

So everyone please pop along and check out these blogs. Also if you have time nip over to A Mothers' Secrets There is a great collection of posts on 'boy or girl?, did you want to know?'

Have a good Tuesday

WADs xxx

Friday, 11 September 2009

A Friday Rant

What is it with some people.

I was in a shop and looking at this really nice wooden high chair. Another lady (known as 'Snoot' from now on) with two little girls was also looking at it too and opening the top etc. I thought I'd make conversation and said to snoot

"it's nice isn't it".

Snoot looks at me and continues fiddling with lush highchair

I thought fair enough perhaps she didn't hear me, always give people the benefit of the doubt.

I couldn't see a price on it and snoot looked like she was looking for one too so I said

"Can you see a price anywhere"

With that Snoot looks at me (up and down) and says to her daughters:

"Come on Girls lets go and order this"

WHAT? How unbelievable rude was she!

Anyway I bought the cute highchair anyway.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What Women Want

On the 12th October I'm going to a Women In Business Conference in Peterborough.

Any Mumpreneurs out there that fancy it? These conferences are great fun, you can network, learn and you get a buffet lunch too

You can find details here:

x WADs x

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Musical Minis

This morning I decided to take my 5 month old daughter to a Musical Minis Group. They have them all over the country and I have heard good things about them, this was confirmed yesterday by Carol at New Mummy too who also said they are good. So I went along to the one in Alwalton this morning.

I was a bit worried because on their promo video the oldest baby is about 9 months old but Soraya loves music so at only 5 months I gave it a shot. It was great! She was the youngest there but it didn't make any difference.

We did so many nursery rhymes from row your boat to Little Miss Muffet and finished with the Hokey Cokey. Soraya just LOVES people clapping hands, thanks to Grams, anyone who claps she reaches out to join in! So she really enjoyed that! Also the babies and children are given musical instruments to play with so she liked the noise and watching the bigger babies play.

One thing I would warn is that it is much more tiring if you have a baby under 6 months because you end up holding them for everything, musical statues, hokey cokey etc but it is a great work out!

All the other mums there were really nice and the lady who ran it was really good with the babies and children.

I will definately be going again next week!

x WADs x

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Facebook - Popularity Contest?

I’ll explain how Facebook works in the most honest terms you’ll come across:

-You sign up for an account. You put in some rubbish quotes and little blurbs about yourself, like you were making a singles ad. You are in a way, because you’re about to sell yourself out to the lowest bidder.

-You include pictures of yourself. You only pick the “best” ones. You also include every single picture you’ve ever appeared in, just to show strangers how outgoing you are. Girls will show off their bodies, and guys will show off their cars and the girls who just made a profile. They know you. They went to school with you. They own the right to be in the same picture as you, because they are popular.

-You include every aspect of your personal and professional life on the profile. Your schools, where you work, your relatives, address, phone number – anything you would be terrified of if someone got a hold of. Don’t be afraid though, this is the Internet! No bad people on the Internet to abuse the system, ever.

-You start looking up your friends. You know, those people who sometimes call your name if you’re in viewing range. Once you see their Facebook profile, you add their friends, because hay– you’re FRIENDS too.

-You look up the definition of the word ‘friend’ and realise you are so very bloody wrong

-You start to join the ‘clubs’ or groups of people with similar interests. No need to look hard though, there’s a group for everything. You can even make your own.

-Your friend writes on your “wall.” They say something meaningful like “OMG I haven’t seen you in ages! We gotta hang out soon!” Weird, eh? Last time I checked I hung out with my friends all the time. In fact, we were having so much fun hanging out that we forgot to not see each other in ages.

-This little light bulb goes off in your head about every person you’ve ever met. Is my ex-boyfriend on Facebook? How about that boy that assaulted me? How about the bullys at school. Wow, they’re all here! I can’t wait for them to know my every waking moment thanks to my friends writing on my wall about every breath I take.
-You start adding everyone, ever. You try to complete your entire high school by clicking every piece of blue text imaginable. You feel so liberated when that bully that beat you up apologises 9 years too late. It’s so easy to apologise over the Internet than it is to be a real person and do it in person with some heart and soul.

-You begin to electronically stalk your friends and people you hate. You can’t stop checking their profile on a daily basis. You start to feel nauseous when you’re waiting for their weekend pictures to be posted on Monday. You get butterflies when you start to see their innermost personal life displayed for all to see. You don’t notice you’re a victim too, since there’s no way to track who’s looking at yours.

-You can’t sleep at night until you check every profile ever. You start to get a slight buzz when you find out that your worst enemy hurt themselves while on vacation. You get chills down your spine when you hear the pity in their writing and you like it.

-You start to use Facebook wall writing as a substitute for email. You write very personal plans and thoughts to your ‘friends.’ Funny, if you wrote any of that stuff in an email and someone read it, you’d be mortified and feel violated. You equate wall writing to leaving “voicemail”. Since everyone else is addicted to Facebook, of course they’re going to see it in minutes.

-You don’t remember the last time you spoke to a friend on the phone. Why bother? Facebook is 24/7 free and no long distance. Voice? What’s that? You can hear their voice in their pictures of them holding their drinks. You can, can’t you…?

-You start using Facebook as a filtering service for your entire life. You start to judge people’s worth based on their profile. How many books they have read? What do they listen to? Is their life quote deep or just funny? Does it change every day? Oh my god, this person likes dogs too! Must be a great person…!

-You start to wonder who’s watching your profile. You make changes to your profile to appeal to everyone alive. You become a generic version of yourself. You’re afraid to express yourself because maybe…JUST maybe the love of your life will hate you because you don’t like dogs. You now love dogs. You love everything. Everything you hate is now “all right!” and everything you love is now “cool.” Spread yourself thin, because that’s the way to bring people closer to you.

-You notice that Cindy has 137 friends. You’re a few short of that number, so you start adding your cousin’s school friends. Seems logical, seeing as you’re both alive and on the same planet

-You run into someone you 'Facebook with' in real life. They start to tell you about their life and events, but you already know everything. Who needs human contact and conversation anyway? Seems useless, you can barely listen to mp3s while talking at a bar. That Gwen Stefani’s not gonna listen to itself, you know. This person you barely know is now congratulating you on your new job. Seems totally appropriate, seeing as they don’t know what flipping colour your eyes are, or, you know, anything else.

-You read something on some website that says that if you spent as much time on Wikipedia as you did on Facebook, you’d be one of the most knowledgeable people alive and actually contribute to society

-Your attraction to the opposite sex quadruples. Guys that have no personal skills are now chatting you up on Facebook. They’ve seen you drunk in pictures and now they want to be beside you. You love the attention and check your profile every chance you get. You have just found the ultimate dating service – the kind that violates every privacy act and human rights issue known to man.

-You don’t remember that last time you used MSN Messenger thanks to Facebook. You always login on invisible mode, so you don’t have to talk to anyone. You decided that MSN is just a great address book for people you hate. You read somewhere that you should delete people you don’t talk to, but then the list would be 4 people long! The horror! There’s no need to address your insecurities about your social life, really.

-You start to believe your own Facebook profile. You become more fake and more ‘fake outgoing.’ You change your little status message to alert everyone about your Cuba vacation and any every flipping minutia imaginable. The best part is that since anyone can read this, thieves know what you’re up to and break into your house without incident. The insurance company laughs at you and calls you an idiot. I am not far behind.

-You die, finally. No one notices because you weren’t there to post that as your status message. The end.

I didn't write this but I wish I did (http://www.tommyzor.com/v2-upgrades/facebook-end-of-humanity/) Don't get me wrong some people use facebook in the correct way and that is fine but there really is a problem out there of people who are obsessed with it! My husband runs an IT company and the amount of companies that are checking their records and realising how much time employees are spending on Facebook is quite shocking! Not suprisingly they are pretty much ALL requesting to block it.

And what is it with all the girls doing 'peace poses with fish lips' or 'biting the thumb poses' on drunken nights out, I really worry for my little girl growing up in this crazy facebook world!

x WADs x