Tuesday, 29 September 2009

1/2 Year Birthday Celebration

Well I know it's wordless Wednesday but I am full of words because Baby Belle is 6 months today, half a year! I can't believe it, I remember going to baby clinic and seeing the 6 month olds and thinking it was sooo far away.

We had a lovely day, and Baby Belle got lots of nice things, including a cute tea set, a cute halloween costume, tutu skirts (like she hasn't got lots anyway!), a huge Upsy Daisy, as you can see from the pic and lots of other bits. She also had a little cake, which I took to daddy's office to share with the team whilst Grams had an afternoon with little miss.

So here are BB's firsts this month:

- Sits up unsupported
- Holds her beaker and drinks/chews on it!
- She can Squeal (mainly when we are out shopping or in public places) thankfully her voice is still little :)
- She can Crawl (well more like crawl commando style) around. I was in the kitchen for 3 minutes yesterday and she was very quiet on her play mat...so I went to check on her...she had made her way over to her changing mat and was playing with the nappy bags!!!! I nearly had a heartattack...plastic bags and babies! Not the best combo! So needlesstosay I have now had to put EVERYTHING out of reach.
- Looks at herself in the mirror
- Had her first Rusk
- Is now in the bigger seat of her Quinny Buzz pram (she must feel ristricted in the carseat attachment because she just struggles and kicks about in it now) and won't sit back, she HAS to be upright all the time.
- Can throw things down and watch you pick them up, and NEVER gets bored of this.

So there we go, half a year old. I am already planning the 1st Birthday...it is going to be BIG and has a great theme!

Lots of Love

WADs (Wives & Daughters)


  1. Aw, bless. Happy 1/2 Birthday!
    I've tagged you with the Gift of Life:

  2. Happy Half year Birthday! I had never hear of that one before but that sounds good! :)

  3. Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby Belle! You are stunning and Baby DIVA totally digs your tea set!!!

    Thanks for coming by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you better!! I love your button!

  4. Sandy...Thanks hun, I will pop over to carry on the gift of life in a min :)

    PHM - I'd never heard of it either but any excuse right? x

    Pink Haired Momma - Baby Diva is super cute. Thanks for popping by too, I envy you being in the states for Halloween, the majority of England just doesn't know how to celebrate it! xxx

  5. My second baby dolly is about same age as baby belle!