Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Eid Celebrations

I have been a rubbish blogger and not done a post in ages but I do have my reasons, honestly :)

It has been Ramadan for the last month, which has meant getting up at 3am to eat and fasting until the sun goes down. I haven't been fasting this year, due to baby belle but OH has been and so we had a day of celebrations yesterday as it was Eid finally! I woke up yesterday morning and breakfast was made (he actually always does this), baby belle dressed and presents on the table! I LOVE presents!!!

We had a lovely day with lots of food and of course we had to go out for a coffee because OH hasn't been able to drink during the day for the last month and was having coffee shop withdrawal symtoms. It was bliss! I think Baby Belle is actually really lucky because she will be celebrating Eid and Christmas throughout her life.


  1. Can we say Happy Eid? Is so then HAPPY EID!
    I really don't know how you do it. I would have to be locked up away from any food to resist. And coffee! I really couldn't do it without coffee!
    Nice to hear it was a good day for you and your family x

  2. yep you can say happy Eid! It's the same as saying 'Eid Mubarak' which is what we say, so thanks hun :)

  3. I haven't thought about Eid since we lived in Cairo! There's an award for you over at mine!