Friday, 11 September 2009

A Friday Rant

What is it with some people.

I was in a shop and looking at this really nice wooden high chair. Another lady (known as 'Snoot' from now on) with two little girls was also looking at it too and opening the top etc. I thought I'd make conversation and said to snoot

"it's nice isn't it".

Snoot looks at me and continues fiddling with lush highchair

I thought fair enough perhaps she didn't hear me, always give people the benefit of the doubt.

I couldn't see a price on it and snoot looked like she was looking for one too so I said

"Can you see a price anywhere"

With that Snoot looks at me (up and down) and says to her daughters:

"Come on Girls lets go and order this"

WHAT? How unbelievable rude was she!

Anyway I bought the cute highchair anyway.


  1. Don't know why some people think its ok to be so rude, what a wonderful example this mother was setting for her little girls...glad you got the highchair its very cute

  2. Don't you just love people like that! At least you're teaching Soraya good manners. Very nice chair

  3. thanks guys...although now I'm thinking it wasn't the most practical purchase because when she is feeding herself there is not a lot of tray area to catch her mess lol x