Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I'm a great read apparently and so are You!

Well it has been a great month for me..with 2 awards, thanks ladies!

This one is from the lovely Domestic Goddesque who is a little superwoman in her own right.

Along with this award comes a little task and I must share ten happy memories with you, which should be easy and don't worry they won't ALL be about my little baby belle! So at numero uno

1) The birth of my little Princess Baby Belle. WOW! what a happy memory, makes me tingle thinking about it, I need to go give her a squidge right now! Painful = YES...Worth it = YES YES YES!

2) My Nanny & Grandpa - unfortunately they are no longer with us but I have so many happy memories. What sticks out the most is me and my big brother at their bungalow, crushing biscuits in a grinder and thinking we had made dinner for them...they would eat it too! And putting a wet flanel in their bed thinking they would get in at night and get a wet bottom...we didn't think about the consequences of a soaking bed and mattress at that age!

3) All my birthday parties growing up...I had the BEST birthdays ever and it was all thanks to my amazing mum. She always made the birthday cakes (which were so fab) and I had great parties with fab party bags for all my friends. My whole childhood is just a great memory!

4) When my huband asked me to move in with him (few years ago now). I was working in London and one night I got back to his house for dinner and he had made one of the spare rooms into a dressing room for was such a sweet thing to do, it had a tall mirror and seat in front of it and everything.

5) Christmas - I can't say one specific one because they have always been so magical, even now! I can't wait for this one though because it is Baby Belle's first one! I just love all the family being together and the warm feeling that it brings, and of course mum's Christmas dinner!

6) America - I lived in America for a few years and this always brings back good memories, from the deep deep snow and sledging in winter to the lovely warm summers and Halloween was the BEST there, people made more effort for halloween in the USA then they did Christmas!

7) The proposal in Turkey - My husband got me to walk up this big hill away from Patara Beach one day, in 45 degree heat in sandals and all I did was complain all the way up about how boiling my feet were lol. Then he said look and in a rock crevice was a little box with a ring in :)

8) Finding out my dad was going to be ok after a major operation. It was only a year ago and it was a very scary time for all of us but when he came out of the operating theatre and put his thumb up to say he was good it was a great feeling!

9) Whitwell - My happiest memories are growing up in this village. Me and my best friend Clare were so mischievous. I could do a whole blog on the memories from this village!

10) Getting the giggles with my mum, usually because I have said something that doesn't make sense and used the incorrect word!

So there we have it, I could add so many more but these are the first one's that spring to mind. So now I have to pass this award on and I do so to:

Lorraine over at Ramblings of a mum on the run Because she writes so well and she has recieved two awards this week and I want to make it 3!
Sandy over at Baby Baby Because I can so relate to her head being all over the place :)
Carol over at New Mummy Because I just love her blog and bought a Sophie Giraffe thanks to one of her reviews and Baby Belle LOVES it


  1. Oh I am really chuffed..thanks so much.

    The pictures of your little girl are beautiful by the way!!!

  2. aww thanks hunny, she is a little monkey at the moment, she has learnt she can squeal, luckily her voice is still quite little :)

  3. Congratulations on the award and thank you so much for passing it on to me. Sorry I'm so late collecting it! x