Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Musical Minis

This morning I decided to take my 5 month old daughter to a Musical Minis Group. They have them all over the country and I have heard good things about them, this was confirmed yesterday by Carol at New Mummy too who also said they are good. So I went along to the one in Alwalton this morning.

I was a bit worried because on their promo video the oldest baby is about 9 months old but Soraya loves music so at only 5 months I gave it a shot. It was great! She was the youngest there but it didn't make any difference.

We did so many nursery rhymes from row your boat to Little Miss Muffet and finished with the Hokey Cokey. Soraya just LOVES people clapping hands, thanks to Grams, anyone who claps she reaches out to join in! So she really enjoyed that! Also the babies and children are given musical instruments to play with so she liked the noise and watching the bigger babies play.

One thing I would warn is that it is much more tiring if you have a baby under 6 months because you end up holding them for everything, musical statues, hokey cokey etc but it is a great work out!

All the other mums there were really nice and the lady who ran it was really good with the babies and children.

I will definately be going again next week!

x WADs x


  1. Glad you liked it, we have our first full session on Thursday x

  2. Just wait till you get to Gymboree- that's tiring!!!!

  3. Hope you have fun on Thurs New Mummy

    Domestic Goddesque...I just went onto the Gymboree website..that looks so much fun! But there is only an arts one near me not a music and activities one :(

  4. It's lovely to read these comments, I have just said to Carol at New Mummy that I have been doing some PR work for Musical Minis. Would you mind if I linked to your post at www.havealovelytime.com?

    Have a great weekend and hope next weeks MMs goes as well for you.

    I'm signed here to comment as our Typepad account (Passionate Media) but I'm Linda from www.havealovelytime.com and www.gotyourhandsfull.com by the way.