Monday, 28 September 2009

Strictly Provocative?

All over the news today has been the amount of complaints from viewers of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing Show of how it has turned tacky. Now I have always watched Strictly and love it, I love the outfits and the dancing and the funny judges and guessing scores. But even before all this media hype about the outfits getting more and more tacky I actually noticed this and my husband even commented on it.

This is one of the news stories if you want a read Strictly Come Dancing: Viewers outraged by tiny and 'tatty' dresses that are cheapening the show I don't think this article gets the point across because the images are not that provocative and are quite typical of latin dance!

However I do agree with what it is saying and the hundreds of viewers that called in. For example did anyone see the 'here comes the girls' dance? Well if you didn't here is an image from it...

No one can tell me this is typical of latin dance? This to me resembles a lap dancing club!?!
Now I know dance, I love to dance and watch it and I also know that latin dance is a bit provocative and sexy but there is a line and I really believe it is being crossed. I think if my little girl in a few years time was watching this I would feel a bit anxious.

For anyone that wants to watch that dance then you can click here and judge for yourself. It is about 1hr 15 mins into the show (so you can forward it).

I love the little latin dance outfits but the black catsuits and black underwear? Not so sure that is necessary. Would love to know your thoughts :)

x WADs x


  1. If I had her figure, I'd be happy to wear a few sequins held together with double-sided sticky tape, but I d agree with you. I reckon the ones with the worst partners try to deflect attention by shamelessly flaunting their tanned toned bodies (jealous)!

  2. i agree!! that ola jordin wears nothing but underwear with a bit a material draped around her much to the joys of my husband and my annoyance grrrr! i actually went into a full sulk after his comments, I ONLY LOOK LIKE THIS BECAUSE I'VE HAD YOUR CHILDREN (sob)

    I love the ballgowns that look beautiful and classy unlike the latin oufits that arfe only fit for a lap dancing club x

  3. Glad I have some poeple agreeing, I got an onslaught on the Daily Mail Website but that is probably because it was a badly worded article with pictures that weren't even that risqué and I don't blame people for not agreeing with that!

    The ball gowns are beautiful and so are some of the little latin outfits too. I have watched it every year for the outfits and dancing and for a laugh too! But I really thought that the 'here comes the girls' dance was much to OTT and some of the black outfits with suspender type underwear are just tacky.

    A year ago I probably wouldn't have cared but having a little girl seems to have changed everything :) x

  4. I watched Strictly sitting on the sofa with my big baby bump and stuffing my face with chocolate. The figures those women have are a million miles from mine at the moment and it's very easy to feel depressed about it (and I've even got pregnancy as an excuse!). Yes I think it's getting raunchier than before which is a shame as it doesn't need to be that way. However,I didn't mind seeing Rav Wilding's chest one little bit...

  5. I have never watched the show, but I think it should be illegal just for my own personal self-esteem.

  6. The costumes do seem even skimpier than ever this year (and the latin stuff even raunchier than it needs to be - its just sick making in some place - Natalie whats-her-names sexy face was just plain AWFUL)

  7. I agree it really doesn't need to be that way, have the skimpy outfits but not in a tacky way.

    lol Transparent Mama..that made me laugh.

    Muddling Along Mum...'sexy face' haha!