Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This Mummy Blogging World

Just a quick post.  I haven't been blogging for long but I can not believe what a community of mummy bloggers there are out there/here!  I have seen a sudden rush of people visiting my blog and it is so lovely to be getting comments and emails from you all. And the twitter community is insane too, you can find me there at www.twitter.com/MummysShoes

I am hoping to expand on my blog to include fashion soon too, or I might start a seperate fashion blog? Who knows, at the moment I love writing about baby belle and being a mummy for the first time, I could talk about her all day! I am sure you would all soon get bored though (Aside from Grams).

So anyway, to all my followers thanks so much for coming along on this journey with me and following my blog.


  1. I agree. I only started in December and it's been insane already! It's a really lovely community of mums, supporting and making each other laugh. Just what we need i think. I really enjoy your blog x

  2. God no idea why this came up in my blog list; It's really old!! oh well the sentiment is still the same!

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying it - blogging has been a great outlet for me and incredibly a wonderful way to meet lovely people (both virtually and in person) - welcome to the world !

  4. Aww thanks guys, it is fab, wish I had started this blog when I was pregnant but better late then never :D