Thursday, 8 October 2009

Cushi Tush Seat

Baby Belle & I were very lucky to be given the opportunity to review the Cushi Tush Seat.

Now I was really pleased by this because BB has a pink bumbo with tray and her cutey chubby legs get stuck in it and she hates being restricted, she also hates being reclined in her bouncy chair now and always fights to sit up... so I was looking for an alternative anyway. B3MCUGTGB6HH

I got to choose the colour and so I picked the multi coloured one as we have sooo many pink things and I fancied a change. When the box arrived I couldn't believe how light it was, perfect to put in the car when travelling to friends and family houses.

As soon as Baby Belle saw it she went for it, she adores the pattern. It is 100% easier to put her in then the Bumbo seat and taking her out is again so much easier as her legs are free. The tray part fits on like magic and is very sturdy for her as she is only 6 months old. So i put her in it with her toys on the tray and she sat in it for ages, mainly playing with the pattern at first! When I went to take her out she wanted it back as you can see in this pic...

We now use it for play time and feeding time. It is great! And again like I said it is so light so I pop it in the car when I go to people's houses too.
All in all I cannot fault this product and it even goes nicely with our decor :)

They are also very reasonably priced at £34.25 and they do lots of colours, you can have a look at them here


  1. That looks brilliant! I wish we'd had thise, you're right, the bumbo just makes them wriggle, and not in a good way...

  2. oooh i love the cushi tush i have one myself they are fab xxx

  3. I love this! Baby DIVA's legs grew out of her bumbo really quickly too. This is adorable. Wish I had seen it before! Glad it works for you guys and thanks for the review. I will remember this for baby 2, someday!

  4. Thanks guys, it is fab I must admit. took it to the mum inlaws at the weekend and sat it on a big chair (not advised) but it was secure and so Baby Belle could sit at the dining table with us when we ate.

  5. Awww! She got to eat at the table! how super cool! Hope your weekend was great!

    I have an award for you on my blog! come by and pick it up!