Saturday, 3 October 2009

Surviving Baby Belle's 1st Cold

After doing Baby Belle's 6 Month old 'firsts' for you the other day...another couple of firsts cropped up - Her first go on the swings and her 1st COLD!

Well she LOVED the swings at the park but I can't say the same about the cold, the poor little thing has a blocked up nose and is struggling. She has a dummy (bimmy) and so she is finding it quite hard because she wants bimmy but also can't breathe through her nose.

Night Number 1 was very hard work, considering we are used to Baby Belle sleeping from 7pm until 5:30am. She couldn't sleep because of her nose and so OH slept in her nursery with her until midnight, I then took over until 5am, he then took over and let me sleep in until 8:30.

On Day 2 of the cold Grams came over and even though BB was poorly she still jumped up and down in her walker when she saw her! So I nipped out and bought a Humidifier and some nose drops (which I am trying not to use unless it gets worse). I can't praise the Humidifier enough though, her room is so lovely and fresh and has a lovely moistness in the air :) I also put a tiny bit of Albos Oil on a muslin cloth and hung it up over her Cot (out of reach). And last night she slept through again!

It is now Day 3 & her cold is still bad but she is coping so well and still smiling away as usual. Unfortunately I also have a terrible cold so me, OH & BB are having a lounging around day today and BB's Aunty Haj is popping over from London to say hi. So anyway my advice is a humidifier, albos oil (very small amount out of reach of baby), calpol (if slight temperature) and lots of fluids.

Wads x

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