Monday, 16 November 2009

The Cries of Colic

I have been meaning to do a post about Colic for a while now. Baby Belle suffered badly with Colic from 3/4 weeks of age and it was a very difficult hurdle. It is easy to forget how hard it was now that she is 7 months old but the same can be said about labour. It would be around the same time everyday, 4pm until 9:30pm, her little legs would pull up to her chest and she would scream in pain. It was heartbreaking seeing her like that, especially as she was such a happy baby when not in pain and hardly ever cried.

The absolute best advice I can give (and it's not really what you want to hear) is to sit it out, it will get better in time, generally around 3 months of age.  But I am one to talk, I tried everything when BB was suffering.

So for anyone out there in the same situation right now here are the things we tried.

-Infacol - Didn't help, even our doctor said it's a big con.
-Gripe Water - Worked for a day then lost it's effect but it is all natural so the best of the bunch.
-Colief - didn't work, another money maker and con.
-Dr Brown Bottles - These get the thumbs up, especially if you have a sucky baby.

The things I highly recommend however are:

-Baby Massage - Brilliant. Do half circles in a backwards C shape on your babies tummy. I would do this and BB would pass wind after 20 or so repetitions :) Also gently raise legs up to chest and do cycle motions with both legs.

-Tiger in the Tree:
Now this was THE BEST thing and I'm not sure what we would have done without it. BB would be screaming in pain and the moment we did this she would stop, and even fall asleep like it. But be warned you are in for some arm aching days.

I can't really describe Tiger in the Tree (other than what the title implies) so there's a picture for you. You can do Tiger in the Tree sitting down or standing up, or whilst on your laptop like my hubby :)

-Tummy Sleeping - Another thing which really helped was sleeping BB on her tummy, much to the midwifes disgrace. BB has always slept on her tummy and she could lift her head from just a few weeks old. Sleeping on her tummy obviously put pressure on it and helped with the pains.  She would also love sleeping on pillows or cushions, again I think the pressure helped. Her cushion sleeping became quite a BB trademark.

Everyone said wait until she is 3 months old and it will be a lot better and guess was, she just grew out of it, her little system just needed to mature, the colic was gone.

So hang on in there. Try the medicines if you need to but if I was to do it all again I wouldn't. Take breaks and get your partner/family/friends to help. Do Tiger in the Tree though, it is a God send!


  1. Baby DIVA had colic really bad too. It would start about 5pm daily and run until about 10pm. Kind of funny it was during the hours i worked (from home) and daddy had Baby DIVA. We felt so bad for her and nothing helped. I can not remember how old she was when she grew out of it but i do recall her first restful sleep. We laid watching her past 5pm and felt the best sigh of relief!! A peacefful resting angel and no evening screams. BLISS!!

  2. I do the leg exercises with my baby and that gets some gas out. Thanks for sharing the Tiger in the Tree. Maybe you can add it to my list of baby colic remedies here:

  3. Ooh my sympathies. Kai had the most horrendous colic from 2 weeks up until about 14 weeks. Every evening and sometimes all day too - complete nightmare. Looking back I'm not entirely sure how we survived to be honest.

    And you're right - the only thing to do is ride it out. We found the 'tiger in the tree' useful too! But the lifesaver for me was wearing Kai in a sling - he seemed to only ever be comfortable when upright and moving.

    Well done for getting through it!

  4. Awww, she looks tiny and so sweet and delicate. Happy to hear that she grew out of it. xx

  5. Bless her, we were lucky that BG didn't have colic, though she was a super sicky baby x

  6. I was lucky that RJ never had colic but a couple of times when he obviously had a pain we used the 'Tiger in the Tree' (never heard it being referred to as that - great name!). Worked great but agree, arms get very sore, especially when RJ was never exactly a small baby!

  7. thanks guys, it was so difficult seeing her in pain but yep she has grown out of it thankfully.

    Poor little thing was always in Tiger in the Tree :)

  8. I'm in your gang "colic survivors" Tiger in the Tree was a favourite in our house too! Its so so tough when you're in it but like you say it does pass. Thanks for the comment and link over at my place hun, really helpful. Cx