Thursday, 26 November 2009

New addition to the WADs Xplory Family

Our love for the Stokke Xplory continues to grow and a new addition to the WADs Xplory Family this our Forest Cream Accessory Kit & Footmuff.

I got them from and I can not explain how good the service here was. I rang up to place my order, you can also order online, and the lady was lovely. The next morning the set was with that really is amazing service for you.

LULLABYS don't only do Stokke merchandise they do everything baby and mum related, pretty much! If any of you are doing up a nursery or a childs bedroom you really must go and see their Teamson range of furniture here how cute are the butterfly chairs and next things on the list :)

So anyway I'm sure you all want to see a picture of the Forest Cream in action? here you go:


  1. Ahh.. It makes me miss my days of the pushchair a little bit! We were a Bugaboo family. Are you going to the BMB at London Zoo on Sunday? If so look forward to meeting you!

  2. Jealous. I want! Well are u there on sunday? you'll spot Nat and I with our xplorys, mine is orange, mummytips will be with us too and 8 kids all together. Yay!

  3. Cripes! Thats posh looking..... I used to be pushed around in a wheelbarrow!

    How times have changed.


  4. Look what we have done to you! You are now a true Stokke® Lover for sure. Check out our blog badge!

  5. Yep I am indeedy going to the zoo on Sunday, look forward to meeting you too :)

  6. My buggy will pale in comparison at the zoo! I am v jealous! x