Monday, 2 November 2009

Simple Human

I know there are a lot of companies at the moment contacting us mummy bloggers to review products but I just had to take this company up on their offer when they emailed me and said I could pick ANYTHING from their website. Seeing as I have only ever done one review I thought it about time I did another. Also their products have been featured in House, Desperate Housewives, Lost and Ugly Betty, all of which I am a fan of (but especially House)!

simplehuman do Luxury Housewares and their products are stunning, check them out at I had a look on their website and chose the deluxe rectangular recycler. This particular model retails at £124.99 and although it sounds like a lot of money, for what is essentially a bin, read on to see why I 100% think it is worth every penny.

We recycle whatever we can in our household and before we got this we had a seperate bin for recycling and one for general waste, well this combines the two and looks super stylish too. Before I say anymore here are some pics of it in our kitchen:

Doesn't it go nicely with our Granite StarGalaxy tiling :)

Why I think it is worth the money:
  • fingerprint-proof finish on stainless steel - This really works, we tried to get fingerprints on it but they just don't show up!
  • silent, slow close lid - Great so small children don't get fingers trapped, the lid closes so slowly.
  • Super easy to empty - You can just pull out the inserts or bag.
  • 10 year warranty
  • Looks lovely!

Also you don't have to use the recycle part for recycling you could use it for food waste instead, if you compost. Also they do free delivery for anything over £49 which is great value for such a heavy item.

Because I have only good things to say I feel I'm not telling the truth but I really have nothing negative to say about this. Simplehuman sell bin liners to fit the bin too and they are not much more expensive then average bin liners but if you like to bargain hunt like me then you can still use your own run of the mill ones, they will fit, not perfectly but well enough.

They also sent me this twin soap dispenser which retails at £49.99 and again I can't fault it.

It fits in a bottle of shampoo easily and loads of bodywash or soap, whatever you want! And you can control how much you want out.

There is also a hook on the side for a razor, it is super easy to put up and apparently rust resistant. And again, as with all their items, don't they look lush! I will definitely be buying more from their range!

simplehuman also have a blog


  1. Yay we love PRs contacting us with freebies
    PS I love and am very jealous of your tiles!

    Glad to see you're feeling better hun

  2. haha thanks hun, we love SOME PRs contacting us :p

    P.s I will pass comment about tiles onto hubby - he picked them :)