Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Doting Mummy Update 9 - 10 Months Old

I missed Baby Belle's 9 month post so thought I would write a post about what has been going on.  It has been a very busy couple months with Christmas and New Year but we had an amazing time.  We have enjoyed the snow (snowball fight between me and hubby got a bit out of hand), been to a couple new baby groups and also been in a couple of papers and a magazine (bit of self promo but if you want to see them please click here :))

So BB will be 10 months on Saturday and continues to make us laugh daily. She has moved on from trying to make us laugh with her upside down head to a new 'fake laugh' which sounds more like a cough.  If she hears a conversation where people are laughing she will look at you and join in by doing her fake laughing/cough. It is super funny and very cute!

She waves a lot, she waves hello and goodbye. She points at everything she wants.

She is pulling herself up and climbing and starting to cruise. She has a mini trampoline and she climbs up onto it and stands up. She is becoming VERY dangerous! As with everything BB does things all of a sudden and started pulling herself up all in the space of 3 days..nothing is ever gradual with her.

She thinks she can sing and will sing along to the tombliboos and Grams nursery rhymes.

She is trying to say hello. If you give her a phone she makes a sound which sounds like hello

If you ask her where the 'tick tock clock is' she will do a click clock noise with her tongue.

She LOVES Grandpa...Between 5-6 months Baby Belle would only really play with me, hubby and Grams for long periods (probably part of the seperation anxiety stage) but she cannot get enough of Grandpa now! Everything he does she finds funny and she will stay with him for ages and ages playing and giggling.

Feeding - BB loves eating everything with her hands now...which is very messy. She very rarely allows you to spoon feed her but I'm all for baby led weaning so I guess that is a good thing. She LOVES her food which I am very grateful for...her favourites at the moment are yoghurt, pasta with a cheese/cauliflower sauce (very simple to make), and still top are pears and rice crackers. Pear was the first food she ever tried and she continues to love it..pureed, mashed or whole she will demolish a pear in a couple minutes!

Hiding - If you ask BB 'where she is' she will cover her face and then laugh.

So these are most of her 'firsts' for this month. I cannot believe we are just over 2 months away from her first birthday! Party Planning is in full swing.

You can see some highlights of her 9-10 month period here

It will be a busy couple months with a 1st birthday to plan and also a wedding to plan for September...good times!


  1. 10 months- the countdown to the crucial First Birthday Party (at least that's when I started planning the Pocket Dictator's.) She's such a sweet little thing (and obviously takes after her mum in the looks department) I'm impressed with all your articles...

  2. aaaw thanks so much, you are too kind x

    Pocket Dictator is a fab name lol :D

  3. I wish I had done this when the girls were small -- so I could look back. She sounds wonderful!

  4. Aaaw thanks. It is a great record..I still keep her little book with 'firsts' in but want to print all this off one day too and give it to her :D

  5. Oh she is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly cute!!