Thursday, 14 January 2010

Wootton Bassett, Iraq, Afghanistan & War Crimes

Last week I saw a comment on someone's facebook page that shocked me a little (It shouldn't have I is facebook after all). I had to of course have my say and tell this person how ignorant a comment it was. I did of course reply and we got into a big debate and guess what...facebook removed it...obviously a bit too controversial. Now I did get a bit personal and said 'you daily mail armchair pundits make me laugh' but these people's ignorance astounds me.

In not so many words this person believed that 'Islams should be stopped' from marching in Wootton Bassett and that it is a 'good thing' we (the west) went into Afghanistan and Iraq! Firstly 'islams'?? Islam is a religion, you mean 'Muslims’ and even if the grammar was correct the march is not for 'Muslims' or just for Muslims. Not all followers of Islam can be associated with this march. The march is to try and raise awareness of the war crimes which have gone on and are still going on in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Please don't get me wrong, I do not agree the march should take place in this location BUT I can understand these people's anger. I know of people who have lost babies, mothers, sisters, brothers over there. These people do not see our soldiers as heroes and you can understand why. I value everyone's life as sacred and my heart goes out to everyone in this country who have lost their soldier sons or fathers etc. But you cannot get away from the fact that we should not have been in these countries to start with.

A common argument is that we had to promote freedom and release the people who are victims of such injustice. 7 years on and who can really believe this? I'm not sure that any sovereign state has ever been changed or "fixed" with an invasion, least of all with an invasion that has been proven illegal over and over again. Does everyone forget the initial 12-18 month deadline that was provided for a security?

Every analyst worth his salt predicted that the situation across the Middle East would worsen and that terrorism would increase. Well they were obviously correct but I am not going to go into stats as they are meaningless without a sphere of understanding of the situation as a whole.

If we are going to war, at least tell us the truth in the first place. To be honest, the whole thing can be summed up by the following. PNAC send George Bush a letter nine days after 9/11 stating that "a determined effort to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq," should be made.

Hold on, we thought it was because Iraq was harbouring WMD...I think anyone can see that the whole thing was a bed of lies. But to then invade Afghanistan too. America has wanted a new government in Afghanistan since at least 1998, three years before the attacks on 11 September 2001. The military action began long before the World Trade Centre fell. And these stats that our country keeps publishing on how happy citizens are now that our soldiers have gone in?? I have yet to speak to one person from there who agrees with this. Here is an article on America's hidden interests in replacing the Government there; it is definitely worth a read The Debate: Did Oil Influence


  1. Well said Carly.

    I think you're very brave to speak out in this way, and I agree that its not just the soldiers from this country we should mourn but the innocent people killed during the course of the conflict. I have always strongly opposed the war in Iraq, and did see it as George Junior finishing off what his Dad started.

    Love this post x

  2. thanks so much for that. I wasn't sure whether to post it or not and have had it in my drafts for a couple days. Hopefully I have made clear that just because I understand these people's plight does not mean I was FOR the march in this location.

  3. Yes, but aside from the rights and wrongs of war, this particular group's motive is to antagonise- they have criminal convictions for it. I'm sure most Muslims, like me would cringe at the thought of their cynical 'protest' who's sole reason is to get maximum attention and upset many people unnecessarily :)

  4. Thanks for your comments Rachel. I do 100% agree with you about the Islam4UK group leaders like Anjem Choudary having a shady past and being extreme/criminal. But they never actually intended on doing the march, it was purely a publicity stunt to try and get the country talking about Afganistan again to highlight how 'wrong' the occupancy of this country by ours is. The media are saying 'can't they have brought it to light in a different way?'. The ismple answer is no, any uncontroversial way will not attract publicity. They are angry that noone has been held accountable for the murders over there of their families. I assure you the people in general who were pro this march (but not the location) are trying to bring Afganistan into light again. People need to know the truth about what is going on there and has gone on. It is unfair to target the familes of fallen soldiers, I do not condone this, it is awful and upsetting. But all I am trying to show in this post is how one can understand the way they are feeling to have lost babies and mothers and family etc.

  5. Those " daily mail armchair pundits" regularly make my blood boil too

    I think the location for the march is not ideal - Wooten Basset has become a totem for the families of those serving and whilst it is a good way to get headlines and create noise it does run the risk of getting an adverse reaction from those who support our armed forces

    However, there is a big difference between support the armed forces who are carrying out a job of work and supporting the war and our involvement in the first place - I believe that the later was wrong and we shouldn't have gone to war BUT that having gone to war we should support the service men and women who are out there dealing with the after effects on our behalf

  6. The idea of going to war in a country that did not declare war to 'you' is quite strange for someone who didn't grow up in the UK (or the United States). I am not at all questioning the grieve and the hardship the soldiers' families are going through. I just don't get the point of war.

    Great post!

  7. Muddling...I agree with the location not being ideal and that it will naturally get an adverse reaction from a lot of the supporters of the armed forces. There is most definately a difference too. But it is a 'war' and I can therefore understand the march supporters state of mind (well the majority anyway)

    Metropolitan Mum...Couldn't agree more, well said :D