Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The What's In Your Bag Mummy Blogger Carnival....

Just a quick post to give a run down of all the lovely ladies who have done a 'what's in your bag' post thus far!

This feature was so big in the fashion blogging world about a year ago but mummy bags are SO much more interesting, I think! So I am so happy to see so many people take up the challenge :) and pleased to have introduced it to the mummy blogging world.

I will of course start with mine.  It was my bag contents after a day at the office mind you, so it wasn't very 'babyfied' I'm afraid.

The lovely Emily at babyrambles showed us her contents in pictures, we are all familiar with that receipt pile up at the bottom of the bag :)

Then we have Metropolitan Mum ...she keeps a bikini top in hers!

Karin at Cafe Bebe shows us (in style wearing her tiara of course) what she keeps in her Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Bag!

Mellow Mummy has de-gunked her bag for us

Cheshire Mum is off on holiday so decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and empty her bag for us all to see

THEMADHOUSE shows off her bag in pictures and I am particularly liking the Cath Kidston case

Kelly at A place of my own shows us her contents in a very snazzy little slideshow

Mediocremum believes the smaller the better

Lost in Translation joins in the bag fun and admits to carrying around a storage unit!

Then we have the contents of a 21st Century Mummy’s handbag and life with a littledude or should we say Mary Poppins Handbags :)

A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you! Vegemitevix continues the journey and lets us into her mind

There's a cow in my bag over at Older mums are fun

We also have the ever glamorous Forty Not Out with her great twist of the what in your bag with the 'Fantasy Bag'

Sandy Calico over at Baby Baby has lots of surprises in her bag, including a 9 iron and a rude joke, bad Jessie!

Baby Genie adds some sunshine to our lives with a cute flower brooch & a purse from Bali in hers

I have even managed to inspire a new blogger to blog this meme, please welcome Elaine Scott

Rosie Scribble also allowed us to delve into her bag and the contents included a ransom note!?!
And last but not least Yummy Mummy No1, a lady after my own heart who has a  bag and perfume I love

Regards Rainbow showed us her beautiful Storm Handbag, check out the purple lining!

I think that is everyone, for now, but if I have missed anyone off please do let me know and please also keep them coming.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

What's in my Bag Vlog

I have FINALLY done my 'What's in my Bag post'. I said I would do this about a month ago on my First Mummy VLOG and introduce it from the fashion blogging community to the mummy blogging community but I was slow on the uptake and weeks passed by.  Since then babyramblesMetropolitan Mum, THEMADHOUSE and many other lovely bloggers have taken up the challenge. So here you go

....And sorry it is Tumble Tots NOT Tumbling Tots, I'm so ridiculous!

I now tag the following lovely bloggers:

Sian at Mummy Tips because I bet there are lots of yummy designer things inside and I want her to chuck a Blythe Doll in there too

Forty Not Out because she MUST have a nice bag or 50!

Sandy at Baby Baby because I just love her!

Ian at Single Parent Dad because we need to shake things up and see a man bag, all this makeup can get BORING!
And of course if anyone just wants to join in please do :)

Friday, 19 February 2010

Swine Flu: To vaccinate or not to vaccinate

This has been on my mind for some time now. I have a healthy bouncy 10 month old little girl and we got 'The Letter' a couple of months ago asking for her to come in for her Swine Flu Vaccination.

We are fortunate enough to have a great doctor and so on recieving this letter I called him for his advice. He has children too and I trust his opinion, but like everything I like to do as much research as I can myself too.  He said that the national helplines are now all closed, he no longer receives calls regarding swine flu and that if your baby is healthy and normal then there is no reason to give it. Obviously he could not say 'don't do it' as he would then be liable for anything should it happen.

Statistically everyone acknowledges that this is a very mild strain, even compared to the seasonal flu; but since WHO declared the pandemic, there has been pandemonium (ref: http://www.i-sis.org.uk/swineFluVaccination.php)

I think that my main concern is that this vaccine hasn't been through the proper testing channels.  Because it was declared a pandemic the vaccine was fast-tracked through the legal channels and has not had 10 years of testing etc. In addition, US Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has granted vaccine makers total legal immunity from any lawsuits that may result from any new swine flu vaccine. Not sure if this applies to the UK but I would think similar rules would be adopted here.

We made the decision not to give Baby Belle it. But many of my friends have given their babies it. There is no right or wrong and as a mother I think you have to come to your own decision on these things. I worry, a lot, that it was the wrong decision but she is very healthy and so hopefully even if she gets swine flu she will be OK.

What are your thoughts and what did you choose for your little one?

We also have the MMR coming up and thinking of going private and getting the seperate injections. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this too...

Ideal Home Show Mum of the Year!


Ideal Home Show pays tribute to Britain’s Top Mums

Following on from my last carnival (of which entries are still valid by the way!) The Ideal Home Show would like to offer a less 'wordy' alternative to entrants.
The Ideal Home Show is marking this year’s Mother’s Day by launching a nationwide search for the Ideal Mum of the Year.

All you have to do is tell us about those crease-up moments of mummy-madness or potty-predicaments you find yourself in when going about your day to day routine.

It may be as silly as getting stuck in the loo; or losing your house keys; a dressing disaster, or even forgetting where you left the baby – no slip-up is too embarrassing or humiliating to share.

The more bizarre and unbelievable - the better!

We want to hear about those exact scenarios when you have an out of body experience and think, ‘what on earth am I doing,’ ‘if only someone could see me now’. So, share your funny mummy moment in no more than FIFTY words and send them to us.

The first 100 stories of mummy madness will receive a pair of tickets to the Ideal Home Show and the chance to come to our champagne reception on March 25th at the Ideal Home Show.

The overall winner will also receive a VIP package for the family to this year’s Ideal Home Show, which includes; An overnight’s stay for 4 in a 4* hotel in London, Champagne and lunch in Aldo Zilli Cafe at the Ideal Home Show, Exclusive invitation to the Mad Hatters Tea Party in the Alice in Wonderland Garden on March 25th, as well as Beauty treatments and pampering for mum, in our dedicated Beauty Bar.

Entry deadline is 8th March 2010.

Email your Answers to: idealmumoftheyear@stuart-higgins.com

With your home town and a little bit of information on your family

Entitled: Mum of the Year

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My Top 10 Most Surreal Mummy Moments

Motherhood is FULL of surreal moments, picking ten is no easy task! I have writen this post as an entry to the 'Real Mum of the Year' award hosted by The Ideal Home Show 2010. Writing this brought back so many amazing moments!

1) The Pregnancy Test 

I did this at mine and hubbys office because I just couldn't wait...I am impatient to the core. I saw that the test said 'pregnant' and it was an amazingly surreal moment!

2) Buying the first baby things

A pair of brown suede boys shoes and a pair of little pink leather shoes. So so tiny.  My mum and I went and got these the day I found out I was pregnant.  I remember how I was feeling whilst the cashier packed them up...It didn't feel real.  I couldn't imagine feet this tiny.  I couldn't believe he or she was inside ME growing by the day.  I wanted to rush away the next 8 months I was so excited!

3) The Scan - That is A little baby, that is MY little baby, that is OUR little baby = tears from us both! So surreal yet so perfect!

4) Morning Sickness - A whole surreal hazzy twilight zone journey of toilet bowls and pink wafer biscuits...practically all I could eat withouth being sick (the wafers not the toilet bowls obviously).

5) My waters breaking
!!!Too much info warning!!!!
The midwife said she had never seen anything like it! Whilst in labour she spoke about having to break my waters as they hadn't yet gone. But low and behold just before I got the urge to push my waters decided to break. Now 'break' is a relatively calm word, what actually happened was they exploded like someone had taken an axe to a fire hydrant. My waters 'broke' and literally crashed against the wall a couple meters away.  Goodness knows what the pressure in there was for my waters to break in such a dramatic fashion but if that midwife had been in the way she would have got whiplash!

6) The Birth - The MOST amazing and surreal thing I have ever experienced.  I had 'trained' long and hard with yoga and every other thing I could, but nothing could have prepared me for the emotions I would feel upon giving birth to my little princess. Me and hubby were on cloud 9! I have the most amazing video of when BB first came into the world and grabs hubbys finger to try and suck it. I was going to post it but I couldn't bring myself to. It is just too perfect and amazing to share with the world and well some things have to be kept sacred and private and this is one of those. A moment that will remain with me forever and a day.

7) Day 5 Baby Blues...This hit me HARD. I had been warned that you get a rush of hormones around this time but I am known to be quite 'manish' in my emotional approach to things, well so my hubby tells me. Most women cry and get upset but I get angry and fight back, then might cry later, sometimes. So when we had a house full of guests on Day 5 (Saturday) of baby belle's little life...I could not cope. I wanted everyone out my house! I felt worried that morning about the whole thing but we had already accepted invites from people travelling from miles away...I rang mum and she came straight over. People turned up as a surprise without invites too and the house was rammed! Everyone wanted to hold BB and I just broke down.  I went upstairs with BB and mum, who sat and gave me a foot massage and chocolate. I was in floods of tears. Finally everyone left. That was one SURREAL day!

8) Au Lait! I have always been quite 'petite' up top...Cue Day 6 post birth and I looked like I was fit for Page 3.

9) The Eye's

BB's eyes are a crystal blue just like my nanny's were. Seeing these for the first time was very surreal and still is. Hubby is persian with dark hair and skin and hazel brown eyes. We really thought she would take after him. I know they might still change but I will never forget these amazing eyes.


10) The LOVE

Oh My Goodness. This is intense, strong, unconditional love. This is love that makes you want to hold your baby close to you forever and never let go. It is the sort of love that when you are without your baby for a few hours your heart aches a little even though you know you will be seeing them soon. You want to see every second of their lives and not miss a thing but you know you will have to let go one day so they can spread their wings and fly. But for now at 10 months I can still be there for all those 'firsts', the first time they look into your eyes, the first cry, the first smile, the first giggle, the first word. These are THE most precious moments! Being a mummy is surreal, you are still your old self but you are also this other person now, a much richer, complete and content person.

Wordless Wednesday: The Baby Kiss

Yesterday I got my first proper Kiss from BB!

She has been kissing pictures of babies for a while but yesterday I said 'can mummy have a kiss please' and she came over and gave me a big kiss on the lips...SO CUTE!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Mummy Bloggers Carnival & The Ideal Home Show 2010

100 free pairs of tickets to the Ideal Home Show & YOU could be Real Mum of the Year for them!  Must mean it's time for a Mummy Bloggers carnival and the topic is 'what are your top 10 most surreal mummy moments?’ So get writing and submit a post of your top ten surreal moments!

It is no ordinary carnival as the Ideal Home Show would like to offer some amazing prizes
The first 100 entries get a Pair of tickets to the Ideal Home Show!

So mummy bloggers get writing your posts and submit them to me by emailing me at carlyyeganeh@gmail.com, tweeting @wivesdaughters or commenting below with your links.

What are your 10 most surreal mummy moments?

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Preparing for your baby...preparing for a marathon

I know quite a few ladies who are 1st time expectants at the moment and the same questions keep popping up. Was it painful? Did you go overdue? Did you have a natural birth? Were you really as tired as people say you're going to be?

I don't always give honest answers, I try my best but this is the truth and nothing but the truth now.

Finding out - The pregnancy test
I felt like I was coming down with something, a tummy bug perhaps.  I left it a few days.  I was late, but I have always been late or early so thought nothing of it. One morning hubby and I were both in the office and hubby was about to leave to go on site a couple of hours away...I was moaning about feeling sick and he suggested I take a pregnancy test. So we said we would do that later on when he got home. 

He had got me thinking now and I am never one to wait, I am quite possibly THE most impatient person in the world and as soon as he left the office I dashed into town, picked up a test and returned to the office.  2 minutes later I was on the phone to hubby. We couldn't believe it, we were soo happy and not a worry in the world at this point...it all seemed a bit surreal.

I rang mum and asked her to meet me in town for lunch in an hour or two, I wanted to tell her there as a surprise.  Two minutes later I rang her back with the news...again I just couldn't wait even for an hour! I am so rubbish! She was ecstatic.

Then sitting there for that hour I googled EVERYTHING I could and started to panic.  Surely I need to go STRAIGHT to the doctors and check everything is ok..I rang mum again.  Ring your doctor and make an appointment she advised, I'll see you in an hour for lunch.  I rang the doctors and said I have just found out I'm pregnant please can I have an appointment...The lady was so calm and said ok how about tomorrow at 10am. I thought they would rush me in, this was a matter of urgency..I am surely the only lady to have ever been pregnant!

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I had almost a whole block of Stilton a week ago I thought to myself. Google says no blue cheese when pregnant! I panic over this for the following 8 months.

The First Doctors Appointment comes - They weigh me and take a sample so they can check I'm pregnant..THAT'S IT! I want to know my baby is ok, I want to be reassured the Stilton was OK to eat. I want to know everything.  We make another appointment.

Morning Sickness
Sickness set in VERY early with me, it was feeling sick that made me take the test and oh boy did it get worse! I had shipments from China of stock/clothes that had just arrived and the smell made me hurl, the smell of my stock room (which until then I didn't know had a smell) made me hurl, my packaging bags, cardboard boxes and even the tagging gun (??) made me sick..that was it fashion business CLOSED. Every morning my husband would give me a biscuit/cracker before I got out of bed or else I would throw up, he would spray air freshener around before I came down the stairs in case there was the smell of last nights dinner still lurking. Mum bought me ginger biscuits as they are supposed to help but after one or two they started to make me feel sick.  Pink Wafer Biscuits were all I could eat...I still love them :)

I can not even begin to explain in words how hard this morning sickness was, it effected everything, it was like constant car sickness but even worse. I couldn't be in a car for more than 5 minutes, I couldn't eat a type of food more than once. My hubby is an amazing cook but even his culinary skills were tested,

I was assured it would go or fade around 15-18 weeks and on week 16 it went....WOW! what a relief!

The Planning Phase
So with morning sickness gone I was FREE (aside from worrying about the Stilton) and my compulsive planning side was again functioning. I wanted a natural labour, I have always been scared of needles and wanted to do whatever I could to avoid them. I also hate not being in control and so again was going to do anything and everything to avoid it.

1) I started YogaBirth - Quite possibly the best thing ever, I will do a separate post on this at some point
2) Purchased Birthing Ball
3) Stockpiled Raspberry Leaf Tea (but for any expectant mummies reading this don't drink it before 32 weeks)
4) Bought lavendar and a TENS machine
5) The hunt began for the cutest labour outfit...I knew it had to be a practical (dark) colour but wanted it to be cute...CUTE haha I was SUCH a first timer! But at least for the first few hours it was a goodish investment :)
6) The Nursery...Cot, Moses, vests, sleepsuits, scratchmits, muslins. Muslins=You can never have enough.

I really treated the pregnancy from here on in like I was training for a marathon; I was so excited and had constant adrenaline running through my system! The thought of going into labour was like starting a race...excitement, tension, the unknown, I thrived off this.  I did my pelvic floor exercises every few hours, I did my yoga exercises and bounced on my birthing ball everyday to encourage baby to stay in the head down position. I went on an NCT short course with hubby...and fainted when going through pictures of labour stages!

Those last few weeks
My enthusiasm, adrenaline and energy were wearing very thin in the last couple weeks. I had a very tidy and neat little bump the whole way through until now...I knew this baby was not going to be a small baby anymore!!  I really didn't want to go over my due date.  Again my practical brain set in and I had to try everything in my power to hurry things up...I ate pineapple, I walked miles (after dinner every evening with hubby), mum booked me a lovely pedicure (foot massage is supposed to help) and I carried on drinking my raspberry leaf tea.

Baby Arrives!
In the end I went into labour 2 days early and so maybe all my prep and planning worked or maybe I was just lucky. I had an amazing labour, reasonably short for a first. You can read about the labour and birth here though if you are interested.

Does it Hurt?????
This is the thing all women ask but never really know because everyone copes with pain differently.

In short YES it is the most painful thing I have ever been through but like everything with me I saw it as a challenge. The initial contractions were dulled down with excitement and adrenaline and I have no recollection of pain at this stage. As they got stronger they started to hurt, and then they start to hurt a lot.  As long as you can steady your breathing through your contractions you can easily cope with each one as they come.  The thing to remember is they only last a little while and then you do have a break before the next one comes so breathe through it and then rest.

As the baby is making his or her way out I don't remember pain..honest truth!  Hubby says I was in agony but I think I had passed the pain threshold perhaps because I remember just pushing with all my might and that was all I could think about. I was so worried that the baby was in distress that I had somehow managed to block it out.  The pain I really remember was from the final 20 or 30 contractions just before baby belle was making her way out..these were a deep throbbing pain which took my breath away..gas and air helps because it helps you regulate your breathing and also gives you something to concentrate on.

So yes it hurts and yes I would be a tiny bit scared to do it again but at the same time I cannot wait to do it all again too.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Competition Time - Pink Blackberry Pearl

I was going to sell this then I thought NO why not give my lovely readers the chance to win it!

So up for grabs is a lovely Pink Blackberry Pearl. I have been using it for 6 months and I love it sooo much! For receiving and writing emails it is second to none! I now have the iphone but I do prefer the Blackberry as a business tool. You can have several email accounts set up on it and you can 'tweet' and 'facebook' from it too and of course all the normal things like erm making phone calls etc :D The camera is good and you can also record videos. It is a cute little phone.

It is locked to Orange at the moment and will need a sim but you can get it unlocked if you are on a different network for about £10 at most phone shops.

All you have to do to win is 'follow me' or subscribe and comment below to let me know...EASYPEASY! I will then put you all into a hat (well your names anyway) and let Baby Belle pick one of your names out.

If you want extra enteries please also 'tweet' this or facebook it etc and again let me know :)

Winner announced on 30th March (BB's Birthday :))

Good Luck

Lots of Love

The WADs