Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The What's In Your Bag Mummy Blogger Carnival....

Just a quick post to give a run down of all the lovely ladies who have done a 'what's in your bag' post thus far!

This feature was so big in the fashion blogging world about a year ago but mummy bags are SO much more interesting, I think! So I am so happy to see so many people take up the challenge :) and pleased to have introduced it to the mummy blogging world.

I will of course start with mine.  It was my bag contents after a day at the office mind you, so it wasn't very 'babyfied' I'm afraid.

The lovely Emily at babyrambles showed us her contents in pictures, we are all familiar with that receipt pile up at the bottom of the bag :)

Then we have Metropolitan Mum ...she keeps a bikini top in hers!

Karin at Cafe Bebe shows us (in style wearing her tiara of course) what she keeps in her Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Bag!

Mellow Mummy has de-gunked her bag for us

Cheshire Mum is off on holiday so decided to kill 2 birds with one stone and empty her bag for us all to see

THEMADHOUSE shows off her bag in pictures and I am particularly liking the Cath Kidston case

Kelly at A place of my own shows us her contents in a very snazzy little slideshow

Mediocremum believes the smaller the better

Lost in Translation joins in the bag fun and admits to carrying around a storage unit!

Then we have the contents of a 21st Century Mummy’s handbag and life with a littledude or should we say Mary Poppins Handbags :)

A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you! Vegemitevix continues the journey and lets us into her mind

There's a cow in my bag over at Older mums are fun

We also have the ever glamorous Forty Not Out with her great twist of the what in your bag with the 'Fantasy Bag'

Sandy Calico over at Baby Baby has lots of surprises in her bag, including a 9 iron and a rude joke, bad Jessie!

Baby Genie adds some sunshine to our lives with a cute flower brooch & a purse from Bali in hers

I have even managed to inspire a new blogger to blog this meme, please welcome Elaine Scott

Rosie Scribble also allowed us to delve into her bag and the contents included a ransom note!?!
And last but not least Yummy Mummy No1, a lady after my own heart who has a  bag and perfume I love

Regards Rainbow showed us her beautiful Storm Handbag, check out the purple lining!

I think that is everyone, for now, but if I have missed anyone off please do let me know and please also keep them coming.


  1. Well done on rounding them all up! I'll give this post a mention tomorrow. I love seeing what everyone has in their bags and most bags are far more glamorous than mine (I knew they would be).

  2. Me too!!! I did mine yesterday but have just posted it on http://oldermumsarefun.blogspot.com called There's a cow in my bag

    I've tagged about 10 others too!!

  3. I love this tag. We should do it all once a year. Like therapy ;) xx MM

  4. Emily - I love watching them :)

    Diney - Thanks have added yours too

    MM - Great idea, we definately should do it once a year! xx

  5. Love the idea of this....but which bag to delve into? My Marc 'work' bag, or my canvas baby bag...I fear either will reveal a multiple of sins!

  6. I've had a go too! http://rosiescribble.typepad.com/rosie-scribble/2010/02/what-is-really-in-my-bag.html

  7. Done!

  8. Rosie & Sandy - Thanks ladies fantastic posts! They both made me smile :) I have added you both to the round up x

  9. I did one too: one of the most enjoyable meme's I've done plus it helped me clear out my bag!

  10. I need to tidy out my bag so will get the camera at the ready and blog what I find! x