Wednesday, 17 February 2010

My Top 10 Most Surreal Mummy Moments

Motherhood is FULL of surreal moments, picking ten is no easy task! I have writen this post as an entry to the 'Real Mum of the Year' award hosted by The Ideal Home Show 2010. Writing this brought back so many amazing moments!

1) The Pregnancy Test 

I did this at mine and hubbys office because I just couldn't wait...I am impatient to the core. I saw that the test said 'pregnant' and it was an amazingly surreal moment!

2) Buying the first baby things

A pair of brown suede boys shoes and a pair of little pink leather shoes. So so tiny.  My mum and I went and got these the day I found out I was pregnant.  I remember how I was feeling whilst the cashier packed them up...It didn't feel real.  I couldn't imagine feet this tiny.  I couldn't believe he or she was inside ME growing by the day.  I wanted to rush away the next 8 months I was so excited!

3) The Scan - That is A little baby, that is MY little baby, that is OUR little baby = tears from us both! So surreal yet so perfect!

4) Morning Sickness - A whole surreal hazzy twilight zone journey of toilet bowls and pink wafer biscuits...practically all I could eat withouth being sick (the wafers not the toilet bowls obviously).

5) My waters breaking
!!!Too much info warning!!!!
The midwife said she had never seen anything like it! Whilst in labour she spoke about having to break my waters as they hadn't yet gone. But low and behold just before I got the urge to push my waters decided to break. Now 'break' is a relatively calm word, what actually happened was they exploded like someone had taken an axe to a fire hydrant. My waters 'broke' and literally crashed against the wall a couple meters away.  Goodness knows what the pressure in there was for my waters to break in such a dramatic fashion but if that midwife had been in the way she would have got whiplash!

6) The Birth - The MOST amazing and surreal thing I have ever experienced.  I had 'trained' long and hard with yoga and every other thing I could, but nothing could have prepared me for the emotions I would feel upon giving birth to my little princess. Me and hubby were on cloud 9! I have the most amazing video of when BB first came into the world and grabs hubbys finger to try and suck it. I was going to post it but I couldn't bring myself to. It is just too perfect and amazing to share with the world and well some things have to be kept sacred and private and this is one of those. A moment that will remain with me forever and a day.

7) Day 5 Baby Blues...This hit me HARD. I had been warned that you get a rush of hormones around this time but I am known to be quite 'manish' in my emotional approach to things, well so my hubby tells me. Most women cry and get upset but I get angry and fight back, then might cry later, sometimes. So when we had a house full of guests on Day 5 (Saturday) of baby belle's little life...I could not cope. I wanted everyone out my house! I felt worried that morning about the whole thing but we had already accepted invites from people travelling from miles away...I rang mum and she came straight over. People turned up as a surprise without invites too and the house was rammed! Everyone wanted to hold BB and I just broke down.  I went upstairs with BB and mum, who sat and gave me a foot massage and chocolate. I was in floods of tears. Finally everyone left. That was one SURREAL day!

8) Au Lait! I have always been quite 'petite' up top...Cue Day 6 post birth and I looked like I was fit for Page 3.

9) The Eye's

BB's eyes are a crystal blue just like my nanny's were. Seeing these for the first time was very surreal and still is. Hubby is persian with dark hair and skin and hazel brown eyes. We really thought she would take after him. I know they might still change but I will never forget these amazing eyes.


10) The LOVE

Oh My Goodness. This is intense, strong, unconditional love. This is love that makes you want to hold your baby close to you forever and never let go. It is the sort of love that when you are without your baby for a few hours your heart aches a little even though you know you will be seeing them soon. You want to see every second of their lives and not miss a thing but you know you will have to let go one day so they can spread their wings and fly. But for now at 10 months I can still be there for all those 'firsts', the first time they look into your eyes, the first cry, the first smile, the first giggle, the first word. These are THE most precious moments! Being a mummy is surreal, you are still your old self but you are also this other person now, a much richer, complete and content person.


  1. What a beautiful post. Motherhood is a little surreal. I still sit back sometimes and think WOW I am her mother!!!

  2. I remember going to buy baby things before i even looked pregnant and thinking everybody was staring at me - i have no idea why i suddenly became this weird paranoid freak, but there you go. great list

  3. Pink Haired Momma - I know it really is isn't it! I do that often too :)

    Heather - haha I felt that way, funny what motherhood does to you! x

  4. Great post hun, I'm trying to think of just 10 moments!

  5. New Mummy - Thanks hun. It is really difficult...I also had seeing hubby feed her for the first time, seeing her with Grams & Grandpa...There are just SO many surreal moments! 10 was very hard! I needed 20 at least lol xxx

  6. Your last sentence really sums it all up - still your old self but now a more content person. Surreal indeed. :)

  7. Hi Diney...thanks, it's very true isn't it, I am much more content, the house feels complete with her :) x

  8. These are lovely, really moving. I'm especially moved by the story of your waters breaking (stand back, everybody!) lol ;-)

    I remember the shock of drenching my hubby's shoes when mine went. Ah..there have been so many moments! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Carly! This brought tears to my eyes! So lovely.