Sunday, 21 February 2010

What's in my Bag Vlog

I have FINALLY done my 'What's in my Bag post'. I said I would do this about a month ago on my First Mummy VLOG and introduce it from the fashion blogging community to the mummy blogging community but I was slow on the uptake and weeks passed by.  Since then babyramblesMetropolitan Mum, THEMADHOUSE and many other lovely bloggers have taken up the challenge. So here you go

....And sorry it is Tumble Tots NOT Tumbling Tots, I'm so ridiculous!

I now tag the following lovely bloggers:

Sian at Mummy Tips because I bet there are lots of yummy designer things inside and I want her to chuck a Blythe Doll in there too

Forty Not Out because she MUST have a nice bag or 50!

Sandy at Baby Baby because I just love her!

Ian at Single Parent Dad because we need to shake things up and see a man bag, all this makeup can get BORING!
And of course if anyone just wants to join in please do :)


  1. Good to see your vlog, I was waiting for this one! You have a glamorous bag. With TWO YSL lipsticks as well! The lipstick applying bit made me laugh. I'm enjoying seeing what everyone's got in their bags.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the tag! I was impressed by how little you have in your bag. All very glam too! Met Mum has also tagged me with this and as I've already done one before, I have an idea for another version... coming soon! xx

  3. Emily - hehe thanks has really taken off hasn't it...I will be doing a round up later today of all the fab posts :)

    ThatGirl39 - no probs, look forward to seeing your version! :)

  4. I've been tagged - I think it's my turn to have a go at this Vlogging lark! Really enjoyed your vid :)

  5. Thanks for the tag and the kind words :-)
    I'll probably vlog this one too, it won't be quite as glamorous as yours though!! x

  6. TheAlice - Look forward to it :)

    Sandy - You'r welcome :) can't wait to see yours x

  7. Hi Carly
    Your Vlog was hilarious! I love the bit about painting your nails at work as you get no time at home! I can relate! :-)
    I wish I had Vlogged mine but I took a piccie instead and the post will be uploaded tomorrow am (2nd March)
    It is
    Your bag was very glam. I have some similar things in mine like the posh sunglasses and the notebooks - I also have a rogue dummy!
    I love your lipstick - I will have to try it next time I'm in Debenhams at YSL!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love your vlog! We share the same taste in Mascara and I am putting the YSL lippy on my shopping list! Cx

  9. Hi Carly,
    So glad, you did this vlog, great to hear what you sound like,(very friendly I have to say). I hope I can gather courage to do one too, and loved your bag!