Friday, 5 March 2010

Baby Belle 11 Month Old Update & Schedule

The big countdown is on, 1 month until BB's 1st Birthday and her Flower Fairies Birthday Party.

There's no way this can be true, time has flown! She has turned from a little helpless baby to a strong minded, crawling, standing, talking little girl.

So here are her firsts:

- She can give kisses, especially to pictures in books!

- She is VERY vocal and can say lots of things:
- Can say 'Baby' and loves all pictures of babies!
- Can say 'There he is' when playing peekaboo or when trying to find the mouse in one of her books
- Can say please 'peas' when she wants something (especially food)

- She had her first taste of egg, and marmite on toast, and raisins. She still loves ALL food, she has such an appetite!

- She is cruising around the furniture very fast now but doesn't want to let go yet :)

- Dances when music comes on

- She had her first kiss from a boy at Tots Group.  He wouldn't stop trying to kiss her and she started crying, boys!

- Went swimming and we are now joined up at a health club so we can go all the time!

- And not a first but still worth a mention....still no teeth! I can not wait to write a montly update and say 'she has her first tooth'...oh when oh when will that day be! I thought it'd be 5 months ago!

Below is her schedule (roughly) at 11 months. I know I am constantly asking people what feeding and sleeping schedule their babies are on so hopefully this will be helpful to someone out there too.

5:30-6:30am - Wakes & 7oz Bottle & Play
8:00am - Breakfast with Mummy & Daddy (wholemilk yoghurt with half banana or weatabix/oatabix with wholemilk + couple toasted soldier)
10:30am - Nap Time (1-1.5hrs)
11:20-12:00 - 6oz Bottle (she is going off this feed though and won't finish it)
13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch (potato bake or similar, fruit pot, raisins, carrot stick etc)
16:00 - Nap Time (Half hour if lucky)
17:00 - Dinner (fish or lasagna or similar, fruit or yoghurt)
18:30 - Bath Time
19:00 - 7oz Bottle (sometimes will only finish 5oz)
19:15 - Story & Sleep (she sleeps right through, although as mentioned no teeth yet so I'm sure this will change)

She has really come a long way in this last month. She is such a giggly girl and so vocal, always talking or singing. She loves her books so much and will happily sit there flicking through the pages for ages. She loves seeing Grams & Grandpa and rushes to the door to greet daddy when he comes home from work. She is constantly standing up (but not walking yet) and loves emptying out cupboards and her nappy basket and she has a fascination with mirrors and doors.  She has a mischievous glint in her eye constantly and I love it :)


  1. it happens all so fast doesn't it? what a gorgeous thing she is

  2. She's just gorgeous, how fast the time flies - precious moments - can't wait to hear all about the Flower Fairy party! Cx

  3. It has flown by (Little Miss P is now 14 months...WHAT?) Baby Belle is adorable - loving teh idea of flower fairies party!

  4. Awww - my baby girl is the exact same age (she'll be 1 on 4th April) and it's just been the fastest year of my life. My little one is like yours cruising along the furniture and starting to let go for a split second so I'd say she'll take off any day now. It's a great age though isn't it? x

  5. Aww!! Charlie is the same sort of age, he'll be one on the 24th March and a bit like your gorgeous BB, he only has 2 teeth! Watch out for the walking though, he's been doing it for a few weeks now and he's more trouble than ever! x

  6. She sounds delightful ! What a sweetie

  7. Bless her, its gone so quickly. My BF daughter has only just go her first teeth through at 14 months x

  8. Heather - It really does and thanks for the lovely comment :)

    Cheshire Mum - Thanks and I will of course blog about the Flower Fairies Party

    Mummy Bear - thanks x

    lastofthemojitos - aaaw I didn't realise they were the same age...special times :)

    Kate - aw bless, glad she isn't the only one then, I can not wait to see a tooth!

    Muddling - Thanks sweetie!

    New Mummy - 14 months lol that is good to hear, so perhaps my full nights of sleep will carry on a few more months yet :) x