Friday, 9 April 2010

The 1st Birthday Party

The long awaited, much anticipated "Flower Fairies Party" for Baby Belle's 1st Birthday has been and gone.

I am now enjoying the calm. But anyone who knows me will know that I delight in having events to plan for and so I am a bit sad it is over.

I must admit I was very fortunate because Grams had BB the day before the soiree to allow me to 1) make the cupcakes 2) decorate 3) decorate 4) decorate 5) prepare cuisine

Thankfully hubby also took the day off work to 1) Construct the Gazebo 2) Assemble the trike 3) Cook the chicken (his chicken kebabs are luscious!) and 4) Fill the balloons with Hellium. It turned out to be a really fun day working on everything together and hubby, not really being one for reveling, suprised me with how upbeat and happy he was. If you want to see a couple of our 'day before/preparation pics' (there aren't many because we were busy) you can see them  HERE

The morning of the party BB didn't want to sleep, of course anyone with a baby knows this is always the case, when you want them to stick to their routine they don't.  She knew something was going on. She usually sleeps, like clockwork, from 10-12 everyday so I told guests to arrive at 1, she would therefore be wide awake until the end of the party.  She went down to sleep at 10am and woke at 10:30am. I knew she would be shattered now.  But I can honestly say she was amazing! She got grumpy at around 3pm and so Grams and Grandpa took her out for a walk away from the mases and she had a power nap whilst out. She then woke up all happy and ready to continue the celebrations!

A few of the other babies and children couldn't make it because it was the easter hols and a lot of people were going away, but a fair few turned up and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, including the adults.  We told everyone we were cutting the cake at 3 but due to missy being a little exhausted it ended up being at about 4pm. 

I hadn't seen the cake until that morning. My mum (Grams) had been working on it for a few weeks and had done EVERYTHING from scratch. When I saw it I couldn't believe my eyes. It was so gorgeous! From the little flower fairy feet and faces to the pretty flowers and butterflies, she had hadmade the lot. My pictures really don't do it justice as the whole cake sparkled and glistened in real life:

It really is quite special. There are some more pictures here. BB also had her first ever taste of sugar/sponge cake too which was funny. She of course loved it.

If you want to see a selection of pics from the day click here

We had a lovely day and most importantly Baby Belle had a lovely day. Thanks to everyone who came and for all the lovely gifts. It really was very special and I can't believe our little girl is 1 Year Old already!


  1. That cake is amazing...I want one! ;0)
    A belated Happy Birthday, 1st birthdays are always sooo extra special.

  2. Cake looks fantastic, glad you all had a lovely day. x

  3. Thanks Chic Mama and Lorraine. I will pass on the cake comments to Grams too :) xxx

  4. wow that cake looks delicious! I included you in my 6 degrees of blogging post-check it out!

  5. wow how amazing is that cake! looks like a fab day :) x