Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Gallery: 7 Deadly Sins

It is week 8 of The Gallery and what a great prompt we have..The 7 Deadly sins.

Luckily we only had to pick one.

This was difficult and I nearly picked Gluttony because we all know BB LOVES her food but instead I picked something that was very appropriate to her early days.  I give you...


BB is an amazing sleeper, she has been sleeping through the night since 3/4 months. But for the first few months of her life she suffered with colic and so tummy sleeping was the only way she would sleep soundly. Her favourite possition was over a pillow, she would sleep for hours on end like this.

and finally, the Cot....


  1. Aw, gorgeous sleepy baby pics, I'm feeling so broody now! x

  2. Right there with you Sandy, love sleepy babies and she is so lovely...broody me ...well maybe a little. Really lovely pics Carly

  3. Sandy - haha, me too! :) It's funny looking back at her, she looked so little then x

    Lorraine - that makes 3 of us then. Thank You x

  4. I was looking through old photos for this one. You forget how small they were.

  5. Awww, love the sleepy pics - just soooo cute : ) x

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  7. Glowstars-I know sooo tiny, you forget so easily because they grow so quickly!
    Mirka - Thanks :)
    yummymummyno1 - Thank you :) x
    Alice - Thanks...she certainly likes her tummy sleeping xx