Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Gallery Weeks 1-7

I haven't been up to speed with the blogging community recently but I am back on track as I have discovered Tara's The Gallery.

It is positively ingenious . The girl is good.  Each week she gives a theme and we have to provide a photo(s) which depicts said theme. Somehow I have missed 7 weeks of themes but not one to shy away from a challenge I am going to give you all 7 right now.

Week 1: Beauty
My gorgeous daughter was pure beauty to me from the first moment I saw her

Week 2: Numbers
I have chosen number 1 as my number. Baby Belle has just turned one and she is saying goodbye to being a baby and hello to being a toddler. She is also my 1st baby. She always comes 1st in my thoughts. This picture was taken at her 1st birthday party.

Week 3: Colour
I am cheating a bit and not picking one specific colour but instead relating it to my childhood/upbringing. I had an amazing time growing up and it was always bright and colourful thanks to my wonderful mum, dad and brothers.

Week 4: Me
I think these photos show all the different sides of me and who I am today.

The daughter, sister, child and friend in me

The frivolous, fun, fashionista, dancing, girly side of me

The romantic 'in love' wife in me

The business woman in me

The jokey outdoor loving girl in me

The Mummy in me

Week 5: Outside my front door
We love to go out walking. Lucky for us we have a few places close by that we can go to do this. Castor, Ferry (we call it Fairy) Meadows and Orton Mere.

Week 6: Ugly
This was a hard one but I managed to come up with two photos. The first is of me.  Hubby and I had been walking for over 4 hours in 40degree heat and I had blisters from my new sandals.  At this point I had gven up and plonked myself down on the side of the mood was very ugly. Hubby even said he'd carry me but I was being stubborn.  The second is of a phone shop we came across in Turkey, very funny but very ugly indeed.

Week 7: Joy
Joy for me has grown and spread. It started with my Nanny and Grandpa, then my Mum  and Dad and then grew to me and hubby. All this joy has been encapsulated into our little Baby Belle. So here I give you some photos of where hubby proposed to me and told me he wanted to be with me forever. Joy to me is 'US', our family, and our life we have today.

The Ring

Patara Beach..the rocks where he hid the ring

The Ring...again!

Eating out that night

Our Ottoman Lounge


  1. Wow, you did it! 7 weeks in one, and all with such meaning. Brilliant

  2. Firstly: well done for doing them all in one go!

    All lovely photos! I love the "Me" ones, and the "Joy" ones the most! Fantastic.

  3. Thanks wasn't easy doing all 7 weeks in one, I was at it for ages. After this I have come to the conclusion that I have WAY too many pics on my laptop :) x