Sunday, 25 April 2010

Going on Holiday with a Toddler

In 5 days time we are going on a little holiday to a quaint 5* cottage in the Isle of Man.

We have been so busy this last year with the business that we haven't set time aside to go away yet.  So we decided to do one trip close (ish) to home and then another holiday at the end of the summer somewhere a bit further away.

So this will be the first time we have travelled far with BB.  It will be a 4 hour car drive and then a 3 hour ferry crossing.  I like to be organised and so have been writing lists of things we need to take from bottles and food to the travel cot and toys. She has only just turned 1 so a lot of the normal holiday advice like playing i-spy etc won't do the trick.

So far I have come up with the following for the journey to keep her amused:

-Her favourite snacks on hand (raisins and rice crackers)
-A little travel bag with her favourite toys from home in, a couple new toys as a surprise & a couple books
-Music for the car

What tips and tricks and advice do you have for travelling with a toddler/1 year old?


  1. I haven't tried it myself but I will be travelling (7-8 hours on a plane) with my little one at her first birthday. I recently did a 'flying families' carnival where I received lots of great comments about travelling with children so they may be of help to you as most of the tips are relevant for any kind of travel.

    I think my top tip would be to make sure you take plenty of breaks for the car part of your journey - perhaps allow a lot longer than the 4 hours so you can take the breaks. On the ferry, make sure you walk around a lot.

    and the call for posts got several comments too

  2. Definitely drinks as the car can be dehydrating. Plus changes of clothes as all those drinks can wet through a diaper in no time.
    You might want to bring an antinauseant just in case unless you already know if she gets car/ferry sick.
    My kids have always loved little games I've played from the front seat - peek-a-boo and draping a napkin over my hand and talking in a funny voice have always been faves.
    She'll probably sleep a fair amount.

  3. I wish we could do that. We had booked a cottage in Anglesey for May but my little one gets ridiculously car sick and is too young for most remedies so now we don't travel with her :(

  4. Jumbly Mummy - That's great thanks so much, didn't know you had done that, will pop over and have a good old read..thanks :)

    Readily a Parent - peek-a-boo is a good one thanks. And hadn't thought about sickness eeek fingers crossed.

    The Moiderer - Aaaw poor little thing, hopefully she will grow out of that xx

  5. Truely adorable blog!!!

    I'm from MBC, maybe your could check mine out and give me some pointers:)

  6. Think you've got some good ideas. Does she sleep in the car? If she has a blanket for sleeping don't forget that.

    My daughter (10mths) likes being sung to. Make sure you've got a list of nursery rhymes etc, ones where you can do actions are a big hit in our house!

    I’ve tagged you in a meme on my blog
    Check it out and have a go if you fancy!

  7. b4kersgirl - Blanket=good idea. Thanks. Also I have already done the bag meme (well actually I started it ahem :)) You can find my original one here:

    But I am going to do an up to date one soon too x

  8. I agree with jumblyMummy, make sure you take plenty of breaks for the car part of your journey.