Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Finding time to blog

We are back from holiday and I must say BB was a little angel. We had an amazing time. Cottage was gorgeous and weather was lovely. I will write a post about the trip and how we coped with travelling for the first time with our little girl and share some pictures soon too. This leads me onto a problem I am having at the moment...

...finding time to blog.

I have about 30 blog posts I want to write, about 3 reviews I want to share and about 10 of you lovely other bloggers/readers have tagged me in 'meme's' and given me awards but I feel terrible because I simply haven't had the time to do them yet.

I notice that some people do a post a day...Please share your secrets with me. How do you do it?

I don't have a ridiculously busy life. I am really lucky because Grams looks after baby belle two afternoons a week so I can go to the office. Once at the office I 1) Help with issues there 2) Write my monthly features for the magazine I have recently started writing for 3) Place tesco orders online and maybe, just maybe 4) Start to write a post for my blog.

During the week Soraya and I tend to take it quite easy and casually go to the parks, baby groups, meet daddy for lunch and go to our fav hangouts of Costa, Starbucks or Kiddicare. It is our time together and as she doesn't nap much now I don't really have any time during the day to go online, twitter, promote my blog or more importantly write! I don't want her seeing me on my phone or laptop all the time anyway but when I do try (to check the weather for example) she wants to go on it too. And BB going on my laptop consists of whacking every key to see what it can do....doesn't make for the best reading.

Do I have to do a post a day for my blog to be successful or will you stick with me if I just do one every now and then? What are your thoughts, does quantity make for a successful blog or is it the quality that matters? And of course how do YOU find time to write?


  1. I'll stick with you! And I'm exactly the same. I'm at work 3 days a week, and just don't have time to get on the computer when I'm home with Moo, and evenings are (a) too short and (b) the only time I get to spend with the Hubbie!

    I've hardly posted in the last month or so, and if I'm honest it's just the Gallery posts getting me through. But I do need to make more time somewhere...

  2. I am with you honey... just blog when you can. Do what you can and keep real.

  3. I feel the same and generally post once a week - certainly not more as, like you, I just don't have time and am amazed at how so many lovely bloggers post great dailies. At first I was concerned that I would have no interest from readers if I only posted weekly but it seems to be working out ok for me. It depends what each person wants from their blog I guess, and it's no fun if it has to become a chore and a worry. Do what you feel happy with!

  4. Definately do what suits you and your family. I had this same dilemma a while back and ended up taking a 6 week break so I couid get some perspective. Now I just blog when I feel like it. I have no advice in regards to how to make the time, it is a mystery to me too. Mich x

  5. Bumblingalong - aaw shucks thanks :) I agree about the evenings too!

    Sian - defo keep it real, I enjoy it at the moment just doing what I can when I can x

    diney - thanks. definitely isn't fun if it becomes a chore I agree. I shall carry on the way I am then :)

    Michelle - Thanks hun. I thought about a break too, just got back from hols so had a nice little time away from blogging etc x

  6. I feel exactly the same way! My participation in blogland has been very hit & miss the last few weeks but I simply haven't had the time to post or read other blogs. I'm hoping things calm down slightly and I can get back into it but the truth is, it was taking up too much of my time and I felt guilty blogging when I had so much other stuff to do. How people find the time to blog every day I have no idea! Do what feels right for you Carly x