Sunday, 23 May 2010

How to keep a Sun Hat on a 1 year old

Wow what a gorgeous weekend it has been!

This is my kind of weather!

We have been outside all weekend and Baby Belle has loved it, especially the paddling pools!

However could I get her to keep her sun hat on? Could I hec! She is coming up to 14 months so she was only tiny last summer and mainly sleeping in her pram so this is her first 'real' summer.

I didn't think the sun hat would be a problem, she brings me hair clips to put in her hair all the time and she didn't mind wearing a hat in the winter.

The story of this weekend has been...I put her hat on her and she pulls it right off, so i put it on her again, she pulls it off.  This goes on for about 5 minutes until she is getting grouchy and then she decides to throw it in the pool! Hat one hangs out to dry and out comes hat numéro deux. You get the picture.

Anyway I found a way to do it!

If she doesn't realise it is on her head it is not a problem, it would seem. So I distract her (raisins do the trick) and put the hat on. BUT I have to make sure the front rim is turned up slightly..if she catches sight of the hat she will try and pull it off again.

I'm not sure this is the best method (trickery) so please do share your experiences with me too :)

If your baby really won't keep a sun hat on by the 'trickery method' then a hairband is worth a shot.  I find that BB doesn't mind hairbands so something like this will also keep a lot of the sun off their head:


  1. Similar really. I find stealth is working best. If I put straight back on his head o becomes a hilarious game. (for him not me!). I creep up behind and put it on loosely so he doesn't know he's got it on. We've been using for about a month and I have to say it is staying on longer.

  2. haha stealth...I like that a lot :)

  3. I have a 15 month old daughter. She fancies herself in the hat for all of about 15 seconds, waits for the huge admiration we give out, and then pulls it off. I am hoping that it is a second a month kind of deal and as she gets older she will keep it on longer! Anyway, I gave up in the end and just kept her in the shade:) Jen.

  4. Lol, BG used to be a nightmare with hats. She's been really good in the recent hot weather, one trick is like you sneak it on, I also found that if I wore a hat she kept her on.

  5. Ah, yes the hat problem! My daughter can be so random with keeping her hat on. My best tips are plain old distraction but you're doing that and the big hairband but you've got one of them too.

  6. I love the photo with the kids!Sometimes it's the ordinary things that make life special.Looking back over time you and children will have such wonderful memories of school hols filled with fun not matter what the weather.

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