Wednesday, 19 May 2010

THE Persian Carpet

I have wanted a really nice, big, luxurious Persian Carpet for a while now. You know one that can stay with you for years and years and gets even better with age.

Well hubby only went and suprised me and got one didn't he! He had to spoil the surprise before it got here because it was stuck in customs for a week and we got a letter. So for the past week I have been pestering him asking what type is it? A Nain?  A Tabriz? What colour is it?! We have a small one which has red in it but I really really wanted a cream and blue one. So arrived and look.....

What a beauty! Can't wait to get a grand room with wooden flooring to have it on.  And how did he get the exact colours I wanted!  And it is BIG (7X11 feet ish) Needless to say he has lots of brownie points right now :)

For those who don't know their rugs then you should visit this site or google them and you will appreciate their greatness :)


  1. Oh, that is beautiful! It looks lovely in your room too. Sometimes husbands really pull it out of the bag, don't they?

  2. Oh that is gorgeous!

    Really compliments the room!

    Beth x

  3. That is one gorgeous run and it goes so well with the room.