Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Easytone Ladies That Lunch

For anyone who knows me or read my last post about Reebok's EasyTone Trainers, you will know by now that I am actually in love with them.  I mean who would have thought I could go out walking in a pair of trainers and tone up my legs and bottom!

On Saturday some of us trialists were invited to London for a feedback and pamper day at Chelsea Harbour Club. And what a day it was!

We were greeted by the gorgeous ladies from Reetalk, Kay and Gia, who checked us in at the Club and showed us to some yummy refreshments.  We then sat down to a presentation by the lovely Sharon from Reebok.  She gave us a sneak preview of the new TrainTone and RunTone that will be coming out soon.  I am rather excited about these, they are just as sleek and stylish as the EasyTone and the colour ways are gorgeous too.  The TrainTone is ideal for the gym/aerobics whereas the RunTone (as the name suggests) is designed to tone whilst running.

We were then interviewed by the talented journalist, author and overall very lovely lady Jane Alexander who also blogs over at Diary of a Desperate Exmoor Woman.  We were all a bit nervous when we realised we were going to be filmed but Jane put us right at ease.  We were asked our thoughts on the EasyTone Trainers and the group verdict of course was unanimous, not one person could say the EasyTone's had not worked for them! There was also a lot of buzz about the FitFlops.  Sharon was wearing some of these and they looked really lovely so I look forward to trying those out, now that we seem to have a summer.  So I will let all you readers know my verdict on those too.

After all the hype of the new TrainTone's and RunTone's we were whisked off to enjoy a afternoon of relaxation and pampering in the Spa.  I had the most amazing massage ever, I think I may have actually fallen asleep it was so good!  There were drinks on the balcony, great company, laughs, a lovely meal for us all and we could not have asked for nicer weather, glorious sunshine right through to the evening.  I would do it all again in an instant.  Take me back!

Thanks so much to Reebok and the Reetalk girlies for an amazing day and for introducing me to my EasyTone's. And thanks also for the wonderful company, such a fun and lovely group of ladies!  And to Carol from New Mummy for being so organised and planning out the journey so I didn't have to :)


  1. Nice one, what a lovely treat :D Jen

  2. Sounds wonderful! Im rather excited about these runtones , especially after seeing yours and everyone else's blog posts about the easytones!! :)

  3. I am LOVING the hype around the EasyTone's and I am determined to get some!! I can't wait until the RunTones are released so that I can go and ogle them in the shop :D

  4. jen - it really was a lovely day!

    Emma - I can't wait for the runtones either. But I do really really recommend the Easytones, I love mine!

    Nickie - You must get some, they are fabby! x