Thursday, 24 June 2010

Oh So Beautiful...FLUKE Clothing

Did you know, here at Mummy's Shoes, we are quite partial to a cute baby outfit or two? No? Well we are.

When it comes to picking clothes for myself there is so much variety; Monsoon, Karen Millen, Next and lots of privately owned boutiques...but I find it very hard to find unique outfits for Baby Belle.

So you can imagine the delight when a package from FLUKE arrived on my doorstep.

FLUKE are an online clothing store selling girls, boys and baby clothing and accessories.  With twenty years experience in making Kids clothing the attention to detail in their items does not go unnoticed.  Their fabrics are top quality, designs are unique and they even take into consideration the ethical and environmental implications within clothing production. Is this company a dream?  Please go and have a look on their site and you will see just how real and unique their items are

Here are my two favourite items from the 'girls collection'

I'm sure you will agree they are just devine! 

When buying online you never really know if items will be the same as the pictures show.  Well you need not worry with Fluke...I can tell you that the clothes are even more adorable in real life! The quality is amazing, materials soft, the details and embroidery are exquisit and BB loves wearing them, especially the skirt! In fact I will share a picture or two with you now:


  1. ahhh she looks just divine. Mich x

  2. Gorgeous! I love shopping for kids clothes. They get the likes of Next, Debenhams, M&S etc whilst I get stuck with the pennies left in Primark!

  3. Thanks ladies. They really are gorgeous clothes!

  4. Darn it...see this was why I always wished I had had a girl.... *sigh*

    Lovely to meet you on Saturday - have linked to you in latest blog. Janexx

  5. I LOVE that skirt. Cute, cute clothes

  6. Such a gorgeous skirt on such an adorable little girl! Lovely x

  7. Such stunning clothing! And makes for a lovely photo on the little one. I'm all broody now!LOL!

  8. They really are gorgeous clothes! I want to buy the lot on the website! x