Monday, 7 June 2010

Toning Up...My EasyTones!

I have always been a sporty person, perhaps it was being brought up with 3 brothers that did it, or having an athlete for a dad or a very supportive mum who would drive me from pillar to post when I was little to whatever activity I was participating in.  Whether it was ballet, tap, gymnastics, karate, athletics club, hockey, netball, Rugby club or Bellydance ...I did it ALL!

A year ago I had Baby Belle. Now any mother or father knows that for a certain amount of time we all need an 'adjustment period'.  Having a baby is THE most amazing thing I have ever done in my life and I love her more than words but goodness me it is time consuming and you tend to forget about yourself for a little while because this little bundle is at the centre of all your thoughts.  It is only now, a year on, that I am starting to think about myself again and get back into my orginal state of fitness.

Don't get me wrong I know I am one of the lucky one's.  I did pretty much pingback into shape after having BB and all I have done since is a few situps a week, if that.  I know don't you just hate me...but seriously I still do not feel as physically fit or toned as I did before.

So....How happy was I when I was asked to review Reebok's new EasyTone Trainers? Very happy...the perfect excuse to get back into shape. First I will give you the pictures then I will tell you what is so great about them...

The EasyTone Trainers

EasyTone Trainers underneath

The Reebok Kit!

Lovely Pink Pressure Pads!


The EasyTone's toning technology is based on the benefits of Instability Training that have been proven over time to tone your muscles.


Reebok uses unique balance pods with moving air built into the shoe that provide natural instability with every step, which forces your muscles to adapt and work harder.


Compared to a typical foam based walking shoe, EasyTone footwear with balance ball inspired technology generated 28% more gluteus maximus muscle activation, 11% more hamstring activation, and 11% more calf activation.

My Testing

I was not sure what to expect from the EasyTones, I did wonder how a trainer could tone me up.  When the box arrived I was delighted with them.  They are absolutely gorgeous looking so I thought who cares if they work or not!  I can tell you they most certainly DO work though!  I do a lot of walking with Baby Belle so I have worn these for a couple weeks now and they are amazing. The first few days I had achy legs, thighs and bottom and it felt sooo good to know that must mean it is working! I have already seen a difference and so I will be wearing these for some time to come.

Style - 10/10
Performace - 10/10
Fit - 10/10

And I hear Reebok are also introducing a running version....RunTone....Can't wait!


  1. Brilliant review and great pictures - I am very envious of your lovely figure!! My size 16 isn't getting any smaller, probably due to all the chocolate I keep eating!

    I bought some exactly the same as those - have worn them a few times and find them to be comfortable. I'm not a great walker but do intend to do more in my trainers once the weather is right. If that ever happens!

    CJ xx

  2. Not fair! I so want these! I have a pair of fitflops which I don't really notice a difference with. But having them means I can't justify buying the Reebok's. Bah *goes off in a corner to sulk*

  3. Thanks for the useful review - I do quite a lot of walking each week with my baby boy and have been thinking about trying a pair of the easytone trainers - I'm just wondering how they compare to all the other similar trainers out there - have you tried any of the other brands?

    Love the photos - but why isn't there one of you on your walk! ha ha!

  4. Crystal Jigsaw - Thanks lovely you are too too nice to me :) Defo roll on nicer weather, fed up of this rain x

    The Moiderer - Got an email today about the fitflops actually, must give them a go too.

    Emma - Thanks, I have tried lots of trainers but this is the first pair of toning trainers I have tried. And no pics out walking because hubby not there to take pics BUT will get him to take one whilst out walking at the weekend.

  5. I have trainers and flipflops and have really noticed the difference. I am quite fit anyway so was amazed that I could see a change in muscle definition. I would most definitely recommend them

  6. you look amazing!!!! I need to get myself a pair of those trainers

  7. Anon - I thought the same! I didn't think they would actually make a difference but they do! I have the flipflops on their way, looking forward to testing them x

    rock n roll mummy - aaw thanks lovely :) x

  8. I've always wondered if those worked. Following you from MBC. Come follow me at

  9. I must get my MBTs out tonight! They are similar to the Reebok ones I think, cost a fortune and now lie in wardrobe.... note to self - any fitness gadget will not work unless you use it!!

  10. TV's Take - I can honestly say that they do work. I love mine!

    Jenny WoodenMum - haha very true, I make sure I put mine on when I go out walking with BB :)

  11. Just checked and they are available at my local sports store here in Australia! $179.99 can't wait to get my pair!! :)