Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I recommend...Parable Candles

Let me first tell you this is not a sponsored post, I simply felt the need to tell you about these amazing pieces of candle art.  I first came across Parable Candles whilst watching Channel 4's Kirstie's Homemade Christmas last year and so I decided to purchase one for my mum.

I love how unique the candles are and the time and effort that goes into them.  They also have a little bit of history in their wax as they are made using moulds taken from century-old wallpaper printing rollers. 

They are, if you like, the Lamborghini of the candle world!  Hence the price tag does reflect this, but believe me when I say they are an investment as they last for ages! Here are some pictures of the beautiful one I bought my mum

It looks even more beautiful in my mums house.

I was also really impressed with the packaging, it reflects the quality of the product perfectly.

They do every colour you can imagine and taller pillar candles too, which come to think of it would look lovely for my Wedding Reception next June...Parable? :)


  1. oh they look lovely - must look them up :)

  2. The candle is lovely, and isn't your house tidy?!

  3. Mum: Oh I love my candle soooooo much!!!

  4. elainescott - You must hun, they are amazing! My pictures don't do them justice as they are a million times more amazing in real life!

    notSupermum - It doesn't look anything like that at the moment trust me, toys are everywhere :)

    Mum - So pleased you like it, I would buy you them in every colour if I could :)

  5. They are stunning, I'd love one x