Monday, 26 July 2010

A letter to my 16 Month old Baby Belle

To my darling daughter,

You are 16 months old now, a whole year and a half!  I can't really call you a baby anymore, you are a walking talking toddler, but you will always be my baby.

You amaze me every day.  You understand so much now.  When I tell you it is "din din" time you go and get a bowl out of the cupboard for me.  When I ask guests if they would like tea you go and get your little teapot and cup.  These little things mean so much and make me so happy.

You do not crawl anymore, you walk everywhere and it still feels surreal.  I was watching you last night, toddling across the room, chatting away in your little play world.  You were tired as it was nearly bedtime and you were a little wobbly on your feet, I admire how you fall down and get straight back up again, you don't even acknowledge the fall.  You are so cute!

You are a little angel at bedtime, always in bed by 7 and you sleep through the night, but you are a little morning lark.  You wake at 5:30am every morning without fail!  Daddy brings you downstairs and gives you your morning bottle. He loves this time with you, he always has so many stories to tell, even if it does sometimes involve falling asleep and waking up to you covered in chocolate (You managed to break into his Thornton's birthday box you clever girl!) When I come downstairs you are always so happy and try to tell me what you have been up to in your lovely baby babble. I will miss you having these morning adventures with daddy when you start to sleep a bit longer

You scared me today honey, I was looking for you everywhere.  I had gone upstairs to put some washing away and I came back down and you were gone!  I called your name and looked in the kitchen, conservatory and downstairs bathroom. I went back through the lounge and saw a movement out the corner of my eye; there you were sitting in your cosy coupe laughing at me! You are a little monkey, you must have seen me looking up and down, I must have passed you 4 times at least! I grabbed you and tickled you, you always make me smile.

I love having you with me everywhere I go and seeing your face when you experience new things. There really is no greater joy.  I can't imagine life without you. You are so independent and strong but I cherish those moments where you come up to me and collapse in my lap for a cuddle or climb up me for a kiss.  You do this with Grams too and I often come home on your 'Grams days' to find you all cuddled up to her. I love the relationship you two have already.

You are such a comedian!  You like to dance in funny ways or walk with flannels over your face just to make us laugh, and it certainly does the trick.  We laugh so much we cry.

You have an amazing appetite and there is not one food you dislike! Your favourite foods at the moment are Olives and Gherkins ("GerGins").

You love animals.

I love your zest for life, your hunger for knowledge and your eager mind. I hope I am nurturing all these things and giving you everything you need. I will always try my best to give you everything you need.

I guess I want to thank you really, for coming into this world as my little girl, for brightening all our lives with your energy.  When me and daddy put you to bed at night we sit down with a cup of tea and still cannot believe you are here.  We laugh about the day, things you have done and new things you are doing.  Then we thank God for such an amazing little girl.

Love Forever and a Day

Mummy x


  1. That's lovely. She sounds like a real sweetie

  2. Now Im crying!! She really is a little angel, like her Mummy! Love you both so much, MUM(GRAMS) xxx

  3. Awww mum! We love you too :-) xxxxxx

  4. Ok I'm trying not to cry. That is so beautiful. It is just the best being a mummy, it can be hard but it is the best. They are so special at this age. Mine is 18 months and he is my world. Tara xx