Thursday, 22 July 2010

A quick Post for all you Mummy's and Daddy's

Seeing as I haven't a lot of time on my hands this week I thought I would give you two poems. I'm not sure who wrote them but they are lovely...

I hope my child looks back on today

And sees a mother who had time to play.

There will be years for cleaning and cooking,

But children grow up when you’re not looking.

Tomorrow I’ll do all the chores you can mention

But today, my baby needs time and attention.

So settle down cobwebs; dust go to sleep,

I’m cuddling my baby, and babies don’t keep


One day as I was picking

the toys up off the floor,

I noticed a small hand print

on the wall beside the door.

I knew that it was something

that I'd seen most every day,

but this time when I saw it there

I wanted it to stay.

Then tears welled up inside my eyes,

I knew it wouldn't last

for every mother knows

her children grow up way too fast.

Just then I put my chores aside

and held my children tight.

I sang to them sweet lullabies

and rocked into the night.

Sometimes we take for granted,

all those things that seem so small.

Like one of God's great treasures...

A small hand print on the wall


  1. A wonderful reminder to live in the moment! We just celebrated my son's first birthday and I can't believe how quickly a year can go by. Thanks for sharing the beautiful poems.

  2. These poems are exactly where my mind is at right now, having recently confessed to not always enjoying playing with the kids. But it's too important not to. Thanks.

  3. Time just passes doesn't it and then it is gone. I know household chores can't wait forever but some days you just need to step back I think xxx