Tuesday, 13 July 2010

To Nursery or Not to Nursery

Baby Belle is 15 months old and hubby and I have been talking about Nursery.

We go to Playgroup and Baby Group once a week and BB is not really interested in the other toddlers.  There are no other babies in our close friendship group or family so I am starting to wonder if it will do her good to go to Nursery for a half day a week and maybe work up to a whole day?

So we have been looking at the possibilities and in true 'me' style there are only two in the whole of Peterborough that I am really happy with.  One is Peterborough High School Nursery and the other is opposite them.  We are waiting to hear back from both and see how long their waiting list is but until then I would love your thoughts.

Do you think half a day would be good for her?  I know it will be very hard for me at first and I will probably not get anything done in that time for worry, but perhaps she is at the age now where she will enjoy it and it will benefit her?


  1. Definitely yes. My Isabelle started just before her second birthday, 2 whole days a week, and after a month she was settled and loved it. It's good for them and for us too ;)

  2. I think it's a good idea for socialisation. When we had Lily we didn't have any friends with kids and she was always the only child at gatherings. We went to some baby groups but there weren't a lot of them in our town when she was little.

    So from about a year I sent her for 2 afternoons a week to the local nursery. She had a great time, all the messy play I wouldn't dream of doing she got to do there. I once went to pick her up and found her blue, because she'd spent the afternoon rolling in blue paint :)

    She learnt to play with the other toddlers, share toys, eat in a group and she loved every minute. Like you've said choose a nursery you're really happy with and I'm sure she'll have a great time x

  3. It's a tough one.. Oli's 15months too but I have managed to (finally!) make some friends that have children the same age as Oli so he's getting that interaction which I'm guessing is a good thing at this age. I'm being spiteful and refuse to put Oli into nursery/a childminder until I get a job. Trying to spend as much time as possible with him as I know it will be so difficult for me when I finally do let go and leave him.

  4. Definitely yes. Both of mine have gone from the age of 9 months for 2 days a week. We have the odd day where one or other of them gets a bit clingy, but they both thoroughly enjoy it. It has enabled them to learn so much about sharing and social interaction that our limited 'child' circle wouldn't have been able to provide.

    We get on really well with the staff too, so I feel really relaxed dropping them off. Do it, it will be good for both of you and like Liz said above, they do really messy stuff with them that would destroy a normal home!

  5. Charlie's been going for a year, so since he was 18 months old largely to give me a bit of writing time but also to get him used to the routine. As far as socialisation is concerned, that was less of an issue: infants don't really 'socialise' until they're at least three, but getting used to leaving mummy (or daddy) for an hour or two, and exposure to germs(!) as well as other toys is always a good reason to sign up. Mind you, a round of decent mother-toddler (sorry, they're still all called that round here!) would have the same result.

  6. Mine are now 19 and 23 so not quite sure if I'm qualified to comment as the grey cells are diminishing in number by the wine glass, but I'd definitely say yes to nursery. Both son and daughter went quite early on as I worked part-time and it did really do them good. Particularly son, who even managed a few hours solid sleep after a day out of the house. (A 'crying baby' who never slept for more then 4 hours at a go until he went to proper school - he doesn't cry so much now....)

    Helena xx

  7. Hi Carly,
    I agree with The Dotterel - it sounds like you're already doing as much as a 15 month baby needs in terms of socialisation and development by going to playgroup and baby group. So I wouldn't feel that you should do it for her good.

    But you might want to do it - there are the advantages of exposing her to new ideas and play (yep, nice and messy - Small Girl rarely comes home in the clothes she's dropped off in, one way or another!) and getting her used to separating from you (although, again, that can come later too. Not to mention, of course, you get some 'you' time (remember when you could get a haircut, enjoy a coffee and a good book...)vital for mummy happiness! And I don't think there are any disadvantages.

    So if you can afford it, why not? Our U3s nursery said though that they needed to do a minimum of two days per week because it was otherwise too sporadic and unsettling. Not sure what your nursery's policies will be on that? xx

  8. Mirka - Thanks for that hun x

    Liz - That makes me feel better, I really am just doing it for her because like yours she is always the only baby at gatherings :)

    Emma - Know what you mean sweetie and I would find it really hard at first I know, even just for half a day a week!

    Zoe - The messy play sounds like a real bonus :)

    Dotterel - That is really helpful, thanks, as it is purely the socialising side I am worried aboutwith her. I have my own time as my mum does two afternoons a week so I can go to the office. Perhaps I should just go to some more groups with her for now and then start nursery when she is closer to two?

    Helena - Thanks for that, makes me feel better if I do decide to go for it :)

    Titch - Thanks so much. I don't need to do it for me time as I already get that and the problem is at the group she tends to stick with me and therefore doesn't really benefit from the interaction, hence why I am considering nursery. Very good point about the two days a week not sure they will allow me to do half a day a week lol.

  9. At the moment I am thinking I might just do a few more mum-toddler groups and see how she gets on and then consider nursery again in a couple months.

    Still would love to hear all your thoughts though and what worked for you x

  10. Sounds like a good idea, but like ive just seen a few more toddler groups etc would also be a good idea.
    Personally J didnt start nursery until well a couple of months ago when he was 3 and 6 months! Mainly because I was paranoid about nurserys paying kids no attention etc thus sent him to childminders before that. If you want her to be more socialable you could always try a childminder who already has a few kids and maybe around her age? J was at a childminder from last Sept and when he started there he STILL hated kids even though he'd been at a childminders before that. But by the time he left last week he has turned into the most socialable little man when it comes to kids and playing with others. Might be worth a thought? xx

  11. Hi Carly --

    Stopping by and following from MBC!

    Most toddlers only engage in parallel play -- meaning they play near each other but not necessarily with each other. They do learn by observing others, but really are not interested in actually playing with other children until close to three. This is the age where they really just run up to others and ask, "do you want to play with me." If you feel you need the break, it certainly won't be a bad thing for her to be comfortable with other caregivers at nursery school, but as far as socialization, sounds like she's getting the right amount with playgroups, etc.

    Dee :D

  12. Mine has been going to the nursery (3 days) since she was 8 months old. I don't regret sending her as she loves it there. That's all I really want - for her to be happy.