Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Mummy Bloggers: Do you want that title?

There has been a lot of talk this week around the title 'Mummy Blogger', some people refuse to use it and some wear the badge with pride.

There have been posts written on the competitive nature of blogging, jealousy and negativity and I myself have been subject to some disgusting 'anonymous' comments on my blog too.

But you know what...it is all worth it.

There was a nice article published this week on the BBC News Website 'The rise and rise of the 'mummy bloggers'

Of course we also have Josie, Sian and Eva heading off to Bangladesh in a weeks time on an amazing journey following the work of Save the Children.  This article “Mummy Bloggers head to Bangladesh” is well worth a read.  We will be thinking of you all and following your journey.  I think they are amazing for doing this and I know I would not be able to cope with seeing babies, just like ours, dying from things that just one simple vaccination could prevent, I break down just thinking and reading about it!

Something you can do is go and sign the Facebook petition. It will take two minutes. Tell Nick Clegg that nine million children a year dying unnecessary deaths is not right, and that we have the power to change it. There are other ways to help here too, so please do have a read.

If that isn't something to feel positive about then I don't know what is!

Blogging has given me so many opportunities, from creating an amazing journal for my daughter to one day see, to allowing me to visit new and fascinating places, to being asked to write for several publications and allowing me to meet some great people. 

I don't review everything I am offered from companies and I don't accept every PR request that comes through my inbox, I want the products I do showcase and review to be interesting to my readers. The freebies and the perks that come along with this blog are great but without them I would still be here writing.

But what I love most is that this is my space to write, if someone doesn't like what I write or how I write then they don't have to be here reading it do they? I don't take it too seriously and that way it always remains fun.


  1. Mummy Blogger is a title that I struggle with. Maybe it's because I don't have a baby/toddler anymore, she's a grown up, very aware 7 year old kid. Everything that I write about her has to be read by her first - even photos are vetted ;)
    So I think of myself as a blogger who has a kid now, and less of a 'mummy blogger'.

    All that said I think what Mummy Bloggers can achieve via the use of social media is amazing and something to be very proud of x

  2. Couldn't agree more, social media is a massive thing now and anyone who can work with it should be proud :-) x

  3. It doesn't bother me in the least to be called a mummy blogger, I write a blog called New Mummy and write mainly about my daughter and being a mum. People need to chill out more x

  4. I was a home ed blogger (still am). Then there were miscarriages and they were blogged. Lots of personal stuff when my sister died. And new baby moments when soa arrived as a bonus baby. And now gradually getting to do some reviews and stuff, and that's all good too. But I don't think mummy blogger is a big enough title tbh.

  5. I think I would agree with that, mummy blogger to me means just writing about mummy things but some cover such a range of subjects that I'm not sure it is wide enough for blogs like yours, which is amazing by the way x

  6. I am happy to be called a mummy blogger, thanks for putting things in perspective again!

  7. Yep another Mummy Blogger here. To me, that just means I am a woman, who is a Mum and I blog about my whole world which is all connected to my being a Mummy to 3 terrors! Mich x

  8. Well said Carly! I've barely posted for a few months because I've been so busy but mummy blogging is a fab way of sharing the highs and lows of motherhood and if people don't like what you write they should just bugger off! Loved your package so much - thank you! It was all so girlie and gorgeous and I will post about it soon I promise. Sorry for delay in thanking you but the builders forgot to give it to me xxxx