Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Cheeky Chops

Baby Belle will be 18 months old tomorrow!

You are growing into such a cute, cheeky, funny, determined and clever little girl. We love you!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Dear so and so....

Dear so and so...

Dear hubby,

Just...thank you! Thank you for thinking of me and giving me ‘me’ time. It was so lovely to come home to you and BB the other day and see you both so happy. BB couldn’t wait to tell me about your day together. I loved my flowers and my earrings you both picked for me at the jewellery shop...such a nice surprise! Oh and not to mention the Tiffin from my favourite coffee shop! You are the sweetest. Thank you for the mornings you spend with BB and for my amazing breakfasts! Although you are very rowdy and wind BB up when you come home from work (and it should be wind down time) I secretly love it, I love watching you play fight and laugh. I cannot wait for our amazing holiday next year! The world is our Lobster :-)

Love Always, Wifey xxxxxx

Dear Cold,

You have been with me for a week now and you have most definitely over stayed your welcome, not that you were invited anyway but I put up with you for the first few days. You are now costing me too much in tissue and it is time to move on.

Signed Your Lodgings

Dear Mum & Dad (Grams and Grandpa)

I know I don’t say it enough but you really are the best! Thank you for taking so much time out of your lives for us, I know you enjoy it but I also know you do it to help. I love seeing how excited BB is when I tell her she is going to your house for the day and I love how she says ‘bye bye’ to me when you are there, even though I rarely have my shoes on ready to go! She makes me laugh how she ‘keeps’ Grandpa locked in her playhouse like he is her toy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love how comfortable she is with you both and it is because you have put in the time. I am still, like when I was little, the luckiest girl in the world :-)

Love forever, Carly xxxxxxxxx

Dear Neighbours

You really made us laugh yesterday when you knocked on our door at 8am telling us (with a smile) that your husband had been locked in the bathroom since 3am. Hubby came to the rescue and kicked your bathroom door down! We are lucky to have good neighbours, if not slightly mad one’s :-)

Your Happy Neighbours

Dear Baby Belle,

Honey bear, cheeky chops, cherub chops, monkey...You are growing up soooo quickly! You are a little walking, talking, twirling swirling whirlwind! Everyday you make me laugh and smile, your sense of humour is amazing. We made a den yesterday by putting sheets over the big dining table, Grams used to do this with me as a child too. We put all your teddy bears inside and cushions and we had dinner in there. When daddy’s car pulled into the drive we closed the ‘sheet door’ and you jumped out and said ‘booo’. Then daddy came in too and we read some books. Moments like these will stay with me forever.

Every night you snuggle on the sofa with me whilst I tell you a story. You look so contentedly into my eyes whilst I tell you about some magical adventure...I can see you right there IN the story. You are such a joy to be with honey and I will love you and be there for you forever and a day.

Love Always, Mumma xxxxxxx

Dear JW's (Jehovah's Witnesses),

I know you are two elderly ladies and I am too nice as I always invite you in for tea but you have been coming over here for 4 years now and my beliefs have not changed.  I appreciate the baby bible stories and we have read them but when I question things please come back with something more original and less ambigious then simply 'Jesus said there will be non believers' or such like.

I recently questioned one of these stories which states 'God made the people stop building the tower. Do you know how he did it? By suddenly causing people to speak different languages, instead of just one. No longer did the builders understand one another. This is why their city came to be called Ba'bel, or Babylon, meaning "confusion". You always come back with the same quote about non believers.

You are nice enough ladies but we are not your 'study' or 'project'

Your Muslim Friend xxx

Dear Mouth,
You are mine and I quite like you for the most part but must you open before brain has time to think.  You make a lot of people laugh but it is always at our expense. They are known as 'Carlyisms' and they are not always flattering to our intelligence.  Have you seen the 'scowling pad' for example...if you didn't open so quickly I would have been able to make you say 'scouring pad'.  So all I ask for is that extra fraction of a second
Love, Your Humble Abode

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Don't tell 'em about the honey, mummy!

Have you heard? The big guy is back!

It's the Honey Monster!

I have to admit he did actually scare me a bit as a kid but I loved the adverts nevertheless.  So when this video dropped in my inbox telling me he had returned I just had to share it...

The Guardian have also done a write up on him here.  I had no idea The Honey Monster appeared back in the 1970's but I do remember him in the mid-late 80's

How great that my daughter will be seeing one of the characters that also featured in my childhood.

Let's keep him alive throughout all the generations :-)

Welcome back!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Competition Time: Changing Bag of your choice!

I introduce to you...Willvin of Sweden Nursing Bags.  These bags are designed by a swedish mum for mums and dads,with design and functionality in mind. Most of their bags have a special compartment underneath, zipped for easy access, with plenty of room for nappies and wipes or clothes and shoes!

I chose the Willvin Leatherette Beige Bag (pictured above left) and it really is lovely.  The thing I like about this bag is that it doesn't look like a changing bag and when not using it for baby you can use it for everyday use and it even fits a laptop in too!  Interestingly enough it was hubby who commented on it and felt really happy using it for a day out with baby belle, I think this one in particular is really flattering for men but also very urban and classic for women too.

So anyway I know you were all drawn to this post because it is competition right?  Willvin will send the winner YOUR CHOICE of changing bag (yes you really can pick any one from their website that you want!) All you have to do is:

1) Follow Mummys Shoes Blog
2) Leave a comment below on which Willvin Changing Bag is your favourite
3) For an extra entry tweet about the competition and/or link to it on facebook

Terms and Conditions:

  • This competition will run from 21st September to the 8th of October

  • The winner will be chosen at random from all entrants and announced on this page on Monday 11th of October

  • Competition is open to residents of the UK and Ireland only

  • Prize is non-refundable and no cash alternative is available

You can Visit Willvin here
You can find Willvin on Facebook here

And the winner is......
Which is.....Kelly from A Place of my Own
Well done Kelly please email me your address and your final choice of bag

The dawn of the Quinny?

The Quinny Casters have just been announced and I was only gone and chosen wasn't I! I must admit I am rather chuffed seeing as there were around 3000 applications.

You can see my profile by clicking here

For those not in the know being a Quinny Caster means we will be trialing the Quinny products for you and giving our (mine and BBs) opinion on the brand spanking new Quinny Zapp Xtra Pushchair.

We have been, up to this point, dedicated to our Stokke Xplory and nothing has yet lived up to it so it will be interesting to see how we get on with the new Quinny.  

I have seen a fair few celebrities spotted with Quinny pushchairs like above (*Quinny Buzz).  We had the Quinny Buzz before the Xplory infact and it is a lovely pushchair but I am interested to see how the Zapp Xtra fairs up.

For those who want to follow our progress please go along and follow the Quinny Casters on the below:

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Save our Libraries

There has been a lot of talk recently in the news about the fall of the Library. It is not surprising with the convenience of the internet and everyone reading online. I do it myself. But I also love taking BB to the library and she loves it too. 

New government statistics show that libraries are less popular than ever and over 60 percent of adults do not use them even once a year.

There is something about books that you will never be able to replace in my eyes and statistics show that children who are introduced early to books enjoy reading more later on and hence do better within the education system.

I take BB weekly to our local library and often we are the only people there, perhaps two other parents at most.  Perhaps we need to modernise libraries more, add some coffee shops but let’s all try and visit them more so we can keep them running.

Why not write a post about your local library, go more often and encourage others to as well.

Please support this cause by adding a link to your blog/twitter or a link to a post about your library below.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Best Pasta Bake Topping Ever*

*This is opinion not fact :-)

I had to share this with you as I use it on top of my pasta bakes, it is so easy and finishes off any pasta dish very nicely.

For the topping you will need:

2 eggs

300 ml (1/2 pint) natural yoghurt

70 g (2 oz) mature Cheddar cheese, grated

grated sweet paprika, for sprinkling

What to do...
Whisk the eggs into the Yoghurt
Pour in the cheese and stir
Pour/Spread mixture over pasta and put into oven.
It will go lovely and crispy and is delicious!
Simple hay?

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

General Goings-On and The MADS

So as I said it has been a reflective few weeks here in the Mummy's Shoes Household but we are happier than ever and have a lot of things to be excited about! Here is a run down of the general goings-on:

1) Hubby has managed to take some time off work and we have started a few projects on the house, we have taken a few day trips and made lots of nice plans for the future. We took BB to the Zoo too which she loved, I will share a few pics with you at some point. We are also planning an amaaazing holiday for next year.

2) I have decided to start a new business. With the sale of my fashion company and with a newly acquired office all to myself I felt the need for a new venture. Very exciting times!

3) It is nearly Eid!  At the moment it is looking like it is on Saturday so a lovely day of celebration and food of course!

4) On Monday I am setting off for The MADS where I will be presenting Best Baby Blog at the awards ceremony.  Thanks to Cafebebe and Citreon who will be providing me with a lift there!
We shall be arriving at Ocean Hotel and staying overnight.  I am hoping to take advantage of their pool and spa too! 

I have even been provided with a lovely outfit for the ceremony, thanks to New Mummy and

I had seen adverts for Very on TV and they were very eye catching and I love Holly Willoughby's style anyway so that had already made me go and check them out.

There was so much to choose from on their site, I knew I wanted a dress and so went to the women's dresses section.  In the end I went for a cute military style Motel Dress (of which I will team with leggings or black tights and a pair of killer heels). The dress arrived one day later and was exactly like shown in the picture, which is sometimes a worry for people when buying clothing online.  What's even better is they don't only do women's clothing they also do men, baby and children too! I shall definitely be doing some of my Christmas shopping with Very :-)

5) I have gone and had my hair chopped and coloured!  I was going to go very short but everyone told me I would regret it as I have been growing it for so long.  My hair is curly so was amazed at how straight they got it! I am putting this picture up as part of a 'meet and greet' going on over at Muddling Along Mummy for The MADs...

So hello and look forward to seeing you all there :-)

Sunday, 5 September 2010


This is a Guest post written by
an inspiring lady, a Barrister
and a Mummy, Cassie Williams:

It has been 2 years since you died mum. You were only 54.  They say it gets easier but this year has been harder.  I had a daughter last November, but I think you already know that.  I felt you there as she lay in that incubator fighting for her life.  I wished you had been alive to meet her.  She is so beautiful.  She has your eyes – those stunning big blue eyes that everyone comments on.  And she has your laugh – she finds everything funny and throws her head back giggling. You laughed like that……

The last time I saw you there was a mixture of laughter and tears.  We went shopping; you with your portable oxygen machine yet still so strong carrying the deckchairs you had bought for my garden.  Just as I was about to drive back to Sheffield you stood up and burst into tears.  You said you were worried how we would all cope, that it wasn’t fair that I would be left without a mum.  Did you know that you didn’t have long? Were you hiding pain from me?

I was in Spain when you died. I had spoken to you at 1am as you lay in my bed at home.  We talked about the stray cat visiting our villa.  We talked about our friends – it was normal for us to call each other many times a day and talk about nothing in particular.  Did you know then that you were leaving us so soon? You had called and sent texts to lots of people that night………

You died in my bedroom at home. I am so glad you were at home.  Dad heard your cries.  He held you as you died. He did as you asked and did not try to beat life back into you.  I am proud of him for that.  He loved you so much he would never have gone against your wishes.

Ben called me that morning in Spain.  My older brother sobbed down the phone.  I came home that night; fell into dad’s arms at the airport.  The next week was a blur.

I chose the clothes you wore.  You always loved to look trendy so I hope that I chose well. 

Did you hear me that day in the toilets at the crematorium talking to you?  Bet you were laughing at me, half drunk on gin. Hundreds of people came – did you see them all?  Did you have to stay friends with ALL my ex boyfriends?! And my old teachers?! Typical……

I hope you loved the songs we chose. A few eyebrows were raised when Guns and Roses was blaring out! 

It is so strange for me to have friends now that never met you.  I try to tell them what you were like but they will never see how gorgeous you were.  They will never watch you dance and laugh.  I want them to know you.  You were kind.  I don’t know anyone else like you.  You bought food for my friends who couldn’t afford it.  You baby sat for my single mum friends.  You took care of the elderly people in our village.  You decorated the flat of a friend who was depressed.  You carried on this kindness even whilst you were dying.

You were naughty too.  I'll never forget how embarrassed I was when we saw a Crown Court Judge in town who you were due to sit with the next day as part of your magistrates duties.  You asked this extremely posh man what flavour condoms you should bring to the hearing!  He snorted with laughter!
Men loved you…..

I still wear your clothes.  I know that people find it strange but they don’t know what we were like, always stealing each others new clothes and claiming them as our own.

Do you hear me mum? I talk to you all the time.  I ask for your advice.  I cry every morning as I drive to work.  I feel so sad.  I have kept my mobile telephone with your final text messages on.  I beg for one more day with you.

I have so much to say….

Mum I want to be like you.  Your father died when you were just 12 years old and you always said that you would not let the bitterness eat you up.  So I won’t either.  I will be grateful for my time with you.  I will cherish my fantastic dad.  I will look after grandma and Ben for you.  Most importantly I will try to be the best mum, just like you.  Sleep well mum and keep listening  xxx
Take a good look at my face,

You’ll see the smile looks out of place,

If you look closer it’s easy to see

The tracks of my tears
Penelope Anne Williams 21/5/1954 - 29/8/2008

Lydia Penelope Palmer-Williams born 11/11/2009

Memory Lane

I haven't been very good recently at updating my blog, I've been having a bit of a reflective few weeks.

It was the anniversary of my nanny and grandpa passing away last week. I wrote about how amazing they were last year, you can read it here>> Irish Eyes 

So we spent the day remembering them and mum lit a candle in remembrance.  20 cooking apples had fallen from the tree in our garden that morning so hubby and I made two apple pies, and nanny was renowned for her Apple Pies!  We then went to Oundle for the day, which was where Nanny had my mum and they spent a lot of their life. The flat where Nanny and Grandpa lived is right opposite my favourite coffee shop 'Beans', I didn't actually know that until recently but I always felt a connection to this place :-) So it was a nice day of memories.

They will always be missed but I am so grateful for having them for the time I did and all the wonderful memories they made for me.

Remembering Nanny and Grandpa Foley