Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The dawn of the Quinny?

The Quinny Casters have just been announced and I was only gone and chosen wasn't I! I must admit I am rather chuffed seeing as there were around 3000 applications.

You can see my profile by clicking here

For those not in the know being a Quinny Caster means we will be trialing the Quinny products for you and giving our (mine and BBs) opinion on the brand spanking new Quinny Zapp Xtra Pushchair.

We have been, up to this point, dedicated to our Stokke Xplory and nothing has yet lived up to it so it will be interesting to see how we get on with the new Quinny.  

I have seen a fair few celebrities spotted with Quinny pushchairs like above (*Quinny Buzz).  We had the Quinny Buzz before the Xplory infact and it is a lovely pushchair but I am interested to see how the Zapp Xtra fairs up.

For those who want to follow our progress please go along and follow the Quinny Casters on the below:


  1. It's sooooo exciting, I can't wait to get mine! Well done to us! x