Friday, 24 September 2010

Dear so and so....

Dear so and so...

Dear hubby,

Just...thank you! Thank you for thinking of me and giving me ‘me’ time. It was so lovely to come home to you and BB the other day and see you both so happy. BB couldn’t wait to tell me about your day together. I loved my flowers and my earrings you both picked for me at the jewellery shop...such a nice surprise! Oh and not to mention the Tiffin from my favourite coffee shop! You are the sweetest. Thank you for the mornings you spend with BB and for my amazing breakfasts! Although you are very rowdy and wind BB up when you come home from work (and it should be wind down time) I secretly love it, I love watching you play fight and laugh. I cannot wait for our amazing holiday next year! The world is our Lobster :-)

Love Always, Wifey xxxxxx

Dear Cold,

You have been with me for a week now and you have most definitely over stayed your welcome, not that you were invited anyway but I put up with you for the first few days. You are now costing me too much in tissue and it is time to move on.

Signed Your Lodgings

Dear Mum & Dad (Grams and Grandpa)

I know I don’t say it enough but you really are the best! Thank you for taking so much time out of your lives for us, I know you enjoy it but I also know you do it to help. I love seeing how excited BB is when I tell her she is going to your house for the day and I love how she says ‘bye bye’ to me when you are there, even though I rarely have my shoes on ready to go! She makes me laugh how she ‘keeps’ Grandpa locked in her playhouse like he is her toy. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I love how comfortable she is with you both and it is because you have put in the time. I am still, like when I was little, the luckiest girl in the world :-)

Love forever, Carly xxxxxxxxx

Dear Neighbours

You really made us laugh yesterday when you knocked on our door at 8am telling us (with a smile) that your husband had been locked in the bathroom since 3am. Hubby came to the rescue and kicked your bathroom door down! We are lucky to have good neighbours, if not slightly mad one’s :-)

Your Happy Neighbours

Dear Baby Belle,

Honey bear, cheeky chops, cherub chops, monkey...You are growing up soooo quickly! You are a little walking, talking, twirling swirling whirlwind! Everyday you make me laugh and smile, your sense of humour is amazing. We made a den yesterday by putting sheets over the big dining table, Grams used to do this with me as a child too. We put all your teddy bears inside and cushions and we had dinner in there. When daddy’s car pulled into the drive we closed the ‘sheet door’ and you jumped out and said ‘booo’. Then daddy came in too and we read some books. Moments like these will stay with me forever.

Every night you snuggle on the sofa with me whilst I tell you a story. You look so contentedly into my eyes whilst I tell you about some magical adventure...I can see you right there IN the story. You are such a joy to be with honey and I will love you and be there for you forever and a day.

Love Always, Mumma xxxxxxx

Dear JW's (Jehovah's Witnesses),

I know you are two elderly ladies and I am too nice as I always invite you in for tea but you have been coming over here for 4 years now and my beliefs have not changed.  I appreciate the baby bible stories and we have read them but when I question things please come back with something more original and less ambigious then simply 'Jesus said there will be non believers' or such like.

I recently questioned one of these stories which states 'God made the people stop building the tower. Do you know how he did it? By suddenly causing people to speak different languages, instead of just one. No longer did the builders understand one another. This is why their city came to be called Ba'bel, or Babylon, meaning "confusion". You always come back with the same quote about non believers.

You are nice enough ladies but we are not your 'study' or 'project'

Your Muslim Friend xxx

Dear Mouth,
You are mine and I quite like you for the most part but must you open before brain has time to think.  You make a lot of people laugh but it is always at our expense. They are known as 'Carlyisms' and they are not always flattering to our intelligence.  Have you seen the 'scowling pad' for example...if you didn't open so quickly I would have been able to make you say 'scouring pad'.  So all I ask for is that extra fraction of a second
Love, Your Humble Abode


  1. and by the way - we love your hubby too, as he saved all our images when some numpty deleted them from the server... xx

  2. hey Carly, Thank you so much for my Sept secret post club - perfect! Orson does fit in his t-shirt and jumper and worn them today. So funny on the pashmina as I was just thinking I could do with one lol. A lovely surprise in the post so thank you.
    Love your blog and will read regularly, love Notes xx

  3. WoodenMum - hehe glad he could recover them, that would have been an actual nightmare! xx

    Notes to Self - You are very welcome and glad you liked them :-) x