Wednesday, 8 September 2010

General Goings-On and The MADS

So as I said it has been a reflective few weeks here in the Mummy's Shoes Household but we are happier than ever and have a lot of things to be excited about! Here is a run down of the general goings-on:

1) Hubby has managed to take some time off work and we have started a few projects on the house, we have taken a few day trips and made lots of nice plans for the future. We took BB to the Zoo too which she loved, I will share a few pics with you at some point. We are also planning an amaaazing holiday for next year.

2) I have decided to start a new business. With the sale of my fashion company and with a newly acquired office all to myself I felt the need for a new venture. Very exciting times!

3) It is nearly Eid!  At the moment it is looking like it is on Saturday so a lovely day of celebration and food of course!

4) On Monday I am setting off for The MADS where I will be presenting Best Baby Blog at the awards ceremony.  Thanks to Cafebebe and Citreon who will be providing me with a lift there!
We shall be arriving at Ocean Hotel and staying overnight.  I am hoping to take advantage of their pool and spa too! 

I have even been provided with a lovely outfit for the ceremony, thanks to New Mummy and

I had seen adverts for Very on TV and they were very eye catching and I love Holly Willoughby's style anyway so that had already made me go and check them out.

There was so much to choose from on their site, I knew I wanted a dress and so went to the women's dresses section.  In the end I went for a cute military style Motel Dress (of which I will team with leggings or black tights and a pair of killer heels). The dress arrived one day later and was exactly like shown in the picture, which is sometimes a worry for people when buying clothing online.  What's even better is they don't only do women's clothing they also do men, baby and children too! I shall definitely be doing some of my Christmas shopping with Very :-)

5) I have gone and had my hair chopped and coloured!  I was going to go very short but everyone told me I would regret it as I have been growing it for so long.  My hair is curly so was amazed at how straight they got it! I am putting this picture up as part of a 'meet and greet' going on over at Muddling Along Mummy for The MADs...

So hello and look forward to seeing you all there :-)


  1. Love the new hair, you're going to look very glam presenting Best Baby Blog. Have a fabulous time at the Mads and send everyone my love, I'm just so sorry I can't make it. x

  2. Oh like the hair! Also can't believe you're giving away the award for my category- don't suppose you're receptive to ahem persuasion???

    Can't wait to see you on Monday

  3. Love the new hair, can't wait for our road trip on Monday & you can tell me all about your new venture! I'm so jealous you have an office

  4. your hair looks fab! Sorry you were able to make it.