Sunday, 5 September 2010

Memory Lane

I haven't been very good recently at updating my blog, I've been having a bit of a reflective few weeks.

It was the anniversary of my nanny and grandpa passing away last week. I wrote about how amazing they were last year, you can read it here>> Irish Eyes 

So we spent the day remembering them and mum lit a candle in remembrance.  20 cooking apples had fallen from the tree in our garden that morning so hubby and I made two apple pies, and nanny was renowned for her Apple Pies!  We then went to Oundle for the day, which was where Nanny had my mum and they spent a lot of their life. The flat where Nanny and Grandpa lived is right opposite my favourite coffee shop 'Beans', I didn't actually know that until recently but I always felt a connection to this place :-) So it was a nice day of memories.

They will always be missed but I am so grateful for having them for the time I did and all the wonderful memories they made for me.

Remembering Nanny and Grandpa Foley


  1. Thinking of you sweetheart- my next door neighbours in Kent as a child were the Foleys. Small world