Thursday, 16 September 2010

Save our Libraries

There has been a lot of talk recently in the news about the fall of the Library. It is not surprising with the convenience of the internet and everyone reading online. I do it myself. But I also love taking BB to the library and she loves it too. 

New government statistics show that libraries are less popular than ever and over 60 percent of adults do not use them even once a year.

There is something about books that you will never be able to replace in my eyes and statistics show that children who are introduced early to books enjoy reading more later on and hence do better within the education system.

I take BB weekly to our local library and often we are the only people there, perhaps two other parents at most.  Perhaps we need to modernise libraries more, add some coffee shops but let’s all try and visit them more so we can keep them running.

Why not write a post about your local library, go more often and encourage others to as well.

Please support this cause by adding a link to your blog/twitter or a link to a post about your library below.


  1. So many libraries have closed around us, it's sad. I used to take my baby girl to storytime at our local library so she could play with other babies, but they stopped that program. We were really upset, it was our social time!

  2. I agree with everything. There is a real stigma attached to libraries and in reality they are amazing to go to. There isn't a better way to pass an afternoon than sitting surrounded by knowledge and just having a read of anything you want.

    I remember a few years ago when muesuems in London were the same, but since they were made free and funded they have come on to be places where families love to come - the Science Muesum being my particular favourite - maybes some libraries need to have a go at the same transformation to get them back front of minds with the general public.

  3. Pink Polka - It is sad, they do a rhyme time at ours but that is the only thing they hold and there are only ever 2 or 3 of us at most!

    Pregnancy Baby Toddler - I agree I think people have almost forgotten about them and they need to be reminded

  4. I must remember to pop back and add my link when I've posted... and thanks for the idea. I'm a big supporter of libraries generally, and our local one in particular. I virtually lived in a library for a year when I should've been at school! Great places.

  5. How apt I posted about our library a couple of weeks ago!