Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Don't tell 'em about the honey, mummy!

Have you heard? The big guy is back!

It's the Honey Monster!

I have to admit he did actually scare me a bit as a kid but I loved the adverts nevertheless.  So when this video dropped in my inbox telling me he had returned I just had to share it...

The Guardian have also done a write up on him here.  I had no idea The Honey Monster appeared back in the 1970's but I do remember him in the mid-late 80's

How great that my daughter will be seeing one of the characters that also featured in my childhood.

Let's keep him alive throughout all the generations :-)

Welcome back!


  1. Just gave you an award!! Come check it out!

  2. Cee - Thanks so much :-) I shall pop over right away!